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GoW DB: Domain moving to gowdb.com

I’ll take a look tonight. Thanks for the report.

Can we get a fix for the css? traitstone numbers are suddenly cut off the side
image even at fullscreen(1080), 3/4, 1/2 screen length


I totally forgot about this one, sorry! As a workaround until I have a fix in place, hide one of the page columns. I’ll try to have a real fix out this week.

Okay, should be fixed. Please let me know if this is still an issue for you.


Hi i think i found a bug or something like that, in troops collection glaycion is listed as Blue/Brown troop while in game is Purple/Brownglacyion

Can confirm.

I’m looking into this now.


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@Lyya Congrats on your 3k users! :slight_smile: that’s got to be a wonderful feeling, knowing all your hard (fun) work is paying off. Personally, I’m pretty new to the game, and recently found your site, I found it about a week ago but just now getting the chance to look thru it and such.

I initially was wondering how I could link to my collection for others to see and share their thoughts but wasnt seeing it, found it in the tool section. :slight_smile:

I did have a question, I was under the impression that the site would collect my info and update automatically when i logged in to the site, however, it looks like i will have to manually add in which troops i have and lvl them and such? is that right, or am I just missing a step in the process for it to update?

Thank you again for all the hard work you are doing, I love doing this myself and tried a long long time ago with recipes for professions in WoW and where to get them and such. trying to teach myself. If you are needing assistance with anything, I am more than willing to help in anyway i can.

I see myself being here and playing this game for quite a while. its right up my alley. :slight_smile:


You’re missing a step in the process: you need to link your GoW account with your GoWDB account. You can do that here:


Note that this is the link step for PC/Mobile. Consoles use a variant of that URL.

Thank you so much for the quick response. the db is linked to my account. Jaitley Holimion_jltc, again, i am just not sure if I need to manually enter what cards and items i have or if it should do this automatically on its own.

Thank you for your continued contributions for the community of this game.

Once you have linked your account and confirmed that you own the account by inputting your current traitstone totals, the “my collection” page on GOWDB will automatically update.

If you’re not seeing that, make sure that you have selected the correct platform under the “settings” menu at the top of the page. For example, I play on PS4, but if I change the platform to PC and then go to “my collection”, I get a manual troop list that looks like I would need to fill in. If I switch back to PS4, I get my accurate and up to date list.

Ahh, that must be it, Ill go check. I linked my account, added the traitstones and such. the platform on top of the page reads mobile/pc. mebbe i have it set on a console. Thanks much!! :slight_smile:

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Clearing your cache or forcing a refresh of the “my collection” page might also help if it isn’t the platform issue.

Much appreciate the assistance, :slight_smile: looks like i had a PEBKAC issue. :wink: I believe it was working as intended, In my nubness, I do believe I was not lookin in the right spot for what cards I had. >.<
The team I currently am using, picked up a lot of new cards today, looking forward to going over them to see if things will mesh a bit better for me. Maybe you guys can see a better team than I can.

Appreciate the help again.



You are still very early in the process. Just work on quests, try different troop combinations, get comfortable with the game mechanics and see what works for you before you worry to much about optimizing.

What team are you using? I can see your current total troop list, but not your teams.

A couple of general tips for the early going:

  1. Use every key that you get as soon as you get it. Getting more troops gives you more options.
  2. Definitely spend a little time and try to find a reasonably active guild if you haven’t already. At your level, you’ll want to find one where there are 10 or more active players but no specific requirements for you to contribute. Check the guild roster and see if people are gaining trophies and contributing gold this week. If no one has by today, move on. An active guild will give you some passive daily bonuses and if people are contributing to guild tasks, there will be rewards of keys, glory, gems and other goodies given to all guild members.
  3. Use your gold primarily to unlock and level your kingdoms.

Edit: I just realized that I am really derailing this thread. I’ll send any further advice via PM.


If you change the language to german it still happens.

Okay, figured it out. All troop traitstone information should now be correct; please let me know if you still see something that’s incorrect. Sorry for the delay in fixing!

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I discovered today that the last column in “My collection” cannot be used to sort by it. The arrow doesn’t change to hand. There is only a 1-2 pixel line on very right of the box that you can click on in order to do the sorting. I did some digging and the bug only appears if you use sidebar feature (the one with bookmarks/history etc.)

Using the latest Firefox 60.0.1.