Got Guild Wars reward twice in mail - OK to keep playing today?

So I appear to have received the GW rewards email twice (and have collected them both)
@Saltypatra @Sirrian
Am I all good to keep playing today, or should I wait for possible rollback?

Same here, and I see quite a few people ascending their Troglodytes to Mythic. Is this something that’s in need of a rollback or is it okay to proceed?

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I’ve got three sets of mail (unopened so far) in my inbox. Triple troglodytes is cool, but unlikely intended.

We haven’t gotten the email for the Sunday WINS. seems something is buggy

I got three sets.

This may be related to being in PvP at the time of the daily reset. I was in idle in PvP matchmaking screen during the roll over and kicked out with the standard message indicating that this week’s PvP is completed and the new one would start shortly. I immediately clicked back into PvP and got the message a second time. Only then did my daily login activate, and I went and fished out Artema before checking mail, where I had three sets of guild rewards waiting. Only claimed one of them, though.

Being in PvP at the time of reset seems to be a common thread in a lot of these glitches and may be worth investigating.

I don’t recall having touched the PVP menu since well before the reset, so it’s not (only) that.

I haven’t been active, only logged in half an hour after reset, still got the reward mail twice.

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I got the guild wars rewards twice as well…

I also got it twice, 200 extra gems and 24 GW troops extra.

I wonder if Bracket 1 winners got it twice too, thats 3000 gems… :confused:

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Got it twice do, claimed only 1 mail, waiting for further instructions.

Just checked, and I am down to a single GW rewards mail, as expected. Does this mean I can play this evening without worrying about a server-wide rollback, @Saltypatra?

It’s best if you all forward the extra mails to me, so that I can make sure they get handled correctly…

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Any dev response on this?

I just moved on with my day and kept playing, guild contributions, buying new troops and opening chests to get the new troops - happy to return extra items provided in error. All good, but would be a bit unhappy with a rollback now more than 12 hours later (in the context of no guidance or guidelines provided in what to do in these types of situations)

@Saltypatra I got my reward twice as well and I accidentally claimed it when I was claiming all my legendary tasks. Will it automatically be removed or do I need to send in a ticket?

It should be fine. We have removed unopened duplicate mail, but if you’ve already claimed it don’t worry.

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So i can keep my 32 trogs on top of my other 16?