Google Play Games account not get linked when game starts

Platform: Android ( v 7.0 )
Device: Moto G5 Plus
Game version:
Problem: Every time I start the game I have to access settings - account and sign into Google Play Games. Why won’t the game save my settings? Why am I getting disconnected from PG every time I quit / restart the game?

If I remember correctly. Thr devs want you to submit a ticket about this. Maybe under “technical issues”.

I know prior to 3.5 it would just sign us in automatically. No clue what caused the change.

Well I guess this behavior is clearly a bug and not a tech issue.

If you submit it as a bug… It’ll just bring you back here. So you have to submit it as a ticket under a different category to get help.

That’s what the submit a ticket screen says about using tickets for bugs:
“Describe your issue in detail. Support cannot assist with bug reports. We’ll read the ticket, but it will be automatically closed if you submit it. Please report your bug here: Bug Reports - Gems of War | Forums

Which is exactly why I told you not to submit it under the bug category. :grinning:

Hey thanks for reporting this. I thought I’d made a bug report about it already but apparently not! So I’ve just made sure to add one.

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