Goodbye after almost four years


@Jainus I always enjoyed your posts, best of luck.

To the Doom Sayers wearing a billboard standing on the street corner ringing a bell that the Gem of War is ending soon. I sorry to inform you the real, actual, hard player numbers are higher and slowly increasing over time (based on a Steam and that is a small group compared to mobile). Yes, old players are leaving… but what’s the harm in this from a business perspective? Do they really spend that much after 3+ years compared to a bunch of newbies? Of course they don’t.


The above arguments are the reason I banned all leaving threads. If it continues, I will lock this thread an reinstate the original rule I created. They have the overwhelming potential to spread negativity and target members of our development team.

I have left this here in respect to @Jainus, but it is toeing the line. Jainus, I wish you all the best in the future, and hope you are happy in all your endeavours.


Quite off-topic but this reminded a little piece of a final speech for a “bad guy” i’ve made some months ago:

“My demise will not bring peace to our people, heal our lands ravaged by this war or prevent the incoming famine. There is no victory for you, for any of you!!!
…I’ve been called the Heartless King, and yet… in my final moments… i pity all who’ll be alive to witness every new day of our shattered nation. I would make a toast to you… “Hero”… but i lack the strenght to hold my chalice… and there is nothing but ashes and blood to be savored in these halls today…”

In the sense that in the end there is no victory at the end of some struggles…


When vets this long and this dedicated leave…it really makes you realize someone in charge isnt paying attn.


I take a different interpretation. The people in charge need to pay attention, sure, but they don’t necessarily need to change course. Gems is, ultimately, a business. If the publishers determine that their recent moves bring in new players who will spend more money, then this is the correct decision from a financial standpoint. It’s only if GoW starts losing more paying players than it gains that the people in charge need to start worrying.

Jainus is/was a pillar of the GoW community, but it’s inarguable that the game is vastly different now from when he and I started playing. There’s no shame in deciding that you don’t enjoy the current game as much. Nor is there shame in trying new things* to bring in fresh players who are willing to pay to accelerate their progress toward the endgame content many of us here currently enjoy.

*Except for the UI. Oh to have been a fly on the wall for those talks between I+2 and 505 Games.


The problem is they still trying to recover from the unlimited daily and guild task. It’s sad to say but they will never fully recover from this unless every long term players quit playing.


Popping by now and then to say hi.

And this is utter rubbish.

I was in MatchMasters, the number one guild, with MrSammy bashing through thousands of matches a week, and the guild flowing with hundreds of tasks a week, when this was an issue. Yes, for the first year or two, I had excess resources and no trouble getting anything.

Then it was fixed. Within a few months, that pile of excess resources was depleted, and over time everyone else caught up with us.

And that was years ago. The issue you refer to would have affected a few hundred players at most. And most of those have quit the game by now (only five were left out of thirty in MatchMasters for example). And recent content is all collected by new resources and game modes anyway.

As I say, utter rubbish.

Also off topic.

@saltypatra you can probably close this thread now - I think anyone who cared to say goodbye has now done so - and I really appreciate the nice messages.

I never said the game was bad - it isn’t, it’s amazing - and the way it’s still going and growing makes it clear that the dynamic between devs and publisher is working somehow. Four years is a long time for a freemium game to still be thriving. It’s also a long time to stay playing it, and for me it was time to reclaim some of my life. Take care guys.


Lol sorry i didin’t want offense you i just
Know there is still plenty player on xbox with still over 60k gems and i also got 2 in my guild with over 100k and one crazy at 160k :wink:


Just saying. I have played every single day since release in 2014 - in a top guild - and about every other month I generally have to spend ALL of my gems, keys and seals chasing the mythic.
Then I just save up for the next one

ps I dont know why I do it every month when I could craft it.
It’s the thrill of the chase I guess :joy:


i too am one of the ancient ex match masters members…wether or not they want to acknowledge that i was once a member is another story xD <3


Well, before this thread gets locked away, I wanted to say goodbye too, @Jainus. I didn’t exchange talks and posts with you, but I’ve read many things written by you and I must say they were pretty forward and straight to the point, which is something I really like.

Referring to Slypenslyde’s sociological analysis of the forum, I would fall under the “who is this” forum GoW player, with usually “very positive” posts. A goodbye thread normally is not a very positive post, since it can gather a storm of mixed input from many people.

Said this, I wish you all the best and good luck with your future endeavours. I’m sure the next community (even if it’s a train book readers’ club) that engulfs you will draw many benefits from doing so. Urska greetings and farewell. :wave::bear::hugs:


Thanks for your huge contribution @Jainus.

Devs will surely miss your brilliant criticism and me too :frowning:


I always liked reading things from your perspective, good luck on future endeavors, I have sen so many long standing players and members of this community leave, but all great things must change or come to an end


Jainus, Tigerclaw will take good care of the goat that somehow went missing without any of our involvement . And we’ll totally deny having it the day you return to playing GoW.



It’s been real Jainus. Good luck on your next endeavor