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Good Swill Hunting

We expect a full report soon as you have the troop Lyya :slight_smile::wink:

Even at 5%, I’m pretty disappointed to see the devour trait return to the game.


“Man, devour on skulls was really bad, we should remove it from Great Maw.”

“What can we do that we haven’t done before?”
“How about devour on skulls, except with MORE RNG?!”
“RNG in skull swings isn’t enough, let’s put RNG in the spell too!”


It’s a weird decision, if you ask me. On the one hand, it’s 5%, which is so low as to almost be useless (especially if you’re using the Legendary as a summoner, in which case it won’t even be attacking until you are “desperate”). On the other hand, spontaneous Devour is spontaneous Devour. I don’t see how this will make either side happy. But maybe the devs know something I don’t.


[quote=“Lyya, post:24, topic:11577, full:true”]But maybe the devs know something I don’t.

They know that they REALLY love the idea of a Skull-hit Devour so much they can’t help themselves :wink:


Honestly it is fairly useless. If I get the troop I might not even do the 3rd trait. I actually think they probably could’ve put a far more useful trait personally. Maybe they purposely put that as his 3rd trait to sorta “balance” him out in their eyes. 5% is almost useless, but knowing it COULD devour is enough for people to still 3rd trait him. I feel it was almost meant for a hindrance.

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Like Leader on non-Tanks?


Dokkalfar buff please!

Saying it a million times isn’t helping your case. I’m pretty sure the devs have seen your grievance and can evaluate it on its merits by now.


So it could summon itself! Excellent!
Then it would use the final trait!


First cast summons a Creeper… :pensive:

Probably will summon card without traits like the infernal king when he resurect

i hope that’s not the case! :grinning:

dev should enlarge the “retreat” button

I’m not really seeing it either. It presents pretty much the same problem as original Maw. Decreased chance for it to happen doesn’t mean much - it still will happen, and I’m betting the lower chance probably makes it even more rage inducing. This may not get complaints right away due to the cost making it fairly exclusive at this point, but it probably will within the next month or so.

The main thing that differs here is that it does not appear to have front slot appropriate stats or a spell that supports him being in the front slot and his other traits are pretty bad, plus the large amount of ways available to counter it that already exist (stuns, impervious, maybe entangle this time?). Overall, it just doesn’t seem good enough to be a meta front slot troop, even for defense, when there are so many better options, which would naturally lead to it being used less and less situations where the RNG devour is a “problem”.

I think it looks like an okay second or third slot, especially to counter skull spam teams, where if your first troop dies you can trade back with skulls and maybe swing the balance back in your favor, then maybe get a summon out as well. But since this kind of counter strategy is abysmally slow and RNG dependent, it will probably be relegated to defense.

That being said, I don’t care how shoehorned it is, I’m totally making a Black Beast team with at least one of the troops this week and using it for invade.


Ugh… Again arcane bloods in the glory packs?!! :unamused:

The thing is, the last few legendary troops to arrive on the scene have been too good–in reverse order it’s, what, Sylvanimora, Emperor Korvash, Queen Mab, The Great Maw, and Infernal King, right?

Sylvanimora hasn’t caused a huge uproar, but the others did. A lot of people complained about power creep and easy buttons and etc., etc.

So now we’re getting a middle-of-the-pack legendary that probably won’t reset the meta & we’re complaining about that, too? C’mon, people.


Plus the Four Horseman, players are getting used to heavy lifters.

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yeah, what gives?

a week without a new legendary or mythic that changes the face of the entire game?

something’s broken!


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Cool new stuff :slight_smile:

Minimaw seems fun… Agree the third trait is odd, though. A skull-trigger trait on a summoner… Go figure.

While this is true, it’s potentially because he (she?) was hard(er) to obtain than most Legendaries.

Personally I love Sylvanimora. It basically gives your tank super-Graniteskin.

Hey @Sirrian and @Nimhain, is Sylvanimora male or female? The flavor text and your blurb from that week left it ambiguous. The name ends in “a” so it sounds feminine to me, but most forum-goers refer to it as “he.”