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Good Swill Hunting

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/good-swill-hunting/
We’re not BOARing you, are we?

New Troop: Fel'Dras

Fel’Dras is a legendary Orcish hunter from Grosh-Nak.
Long ago, she gave up hunting beasts though. Now she prefers to hunt Wizards, Sorcerers, and magical creatures; she wears a necklace made from the teeth of the mightiest Wizards she’s slain.

Fel’Dras will be available both as a Glory reward and in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory and VIP Chests next week.

New Troop: Armored Boar

Fel’Dras is seldom seen without her pack of Boars.
These are some of the nastiest, most ornery, creatures she’s been able to breed - each one with tusks large enough to gore an Ogre from belly to shoulder.

The Armored Boar will be available as a Glory reward this week, and will be added to Gold and Glory Chests (and Arena) next week.

New Legendary Troop: Kruarg the Dread

Fel’Dras has recently set out in search of Kruarg the Dread - a relative (perhaps offspring) of the Great Maw of the Drifting Sands.
Kruarg is infamous because he seems to have been corrupted by the Daemonic Forces of the Blighted Lands.
In his maw there is large portal to the Abyss, not only does it steal half his food, leaving him eternally ravenous, but occasionally it will also spit out a Daemon!
The giant teeth of this creature are something Fel’Dras has set her eye on!

Kruarg the Dread will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory and VIP Chests next week.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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oh god, how do you like them Apples?

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The amount of rage quits that 5% will accumulate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Summoner on top of Summoner :slight_smile:
Also questions: does the new epic do double skull damage to troops that are ascended to mythic or just the original rarity mythic?
(Btw her trait says mystic not mythic?)

Mystic is a character type, not rarity.


Mystic is a type, the following are mystic:



Oh lord didn’t notice that we got that troop type xD

I feel stupid I’ll go back to my hole waiting to summon deamons

Ok I’ll try my luck with another question xD
Am I right to think that the new gold troop will be able to summon mythic troops too? Since they are 1 half deamons?

That’s the theory. Might summon itself too

All Mystic troops:

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The way the spell appears to be coded in the world data file, this troop will summon a random troop from the pool of all Daemons (including those that are not yet released, when they release). That’s contrary to all existing summoners, who summon only one of a fixed pool of troops, usually 1-4.


Kruarg, the Dread Wormhole.
I really liked Feldras, everything about her is cool except that it will take a while until we can summon Mythic boars. :grin:

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You mean in some distant future, when Metacore won’t be a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey look, Arcane Stealths!

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New troops, in ascending order of rarity:

  1. If mini-maw can summon “any” daemon in the game, does that include base Mythics like Famine?
  2. Can it summon a daemon you don’t own?

I don’t understand the legendary. It can devour on skulls so you want it in slot one but it’s a summoner so you don’t want it in slot one. It also summons through purple gems but doesn’t use purple.


I have no idea. I can’t see the game code, I can only see the data files that are associated with the game. The spell essentially has a component that says, “Summon a troop of this type”, with a constraint of “type = Daemon”. I can’t see how that component is interpreted by the game code. There might be a limitation on rarity, or ownership, or there might not be; it’s nothing I can validate without getting the troop and trying it out.

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