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Gold Hoarding -- How much and why?

How much gold are you hoarding right now?
  • 100k - 1m
  • 1m - 5m
  • 5m - 20m
  • 20 - 50m
  • 50m - 100m
  • 100m or more
  • 0 - 100k

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Some reasons players might be hoarding gold:

  • Saving to upgrade Kingdoms/Factions
  • Dumping gold in Legendary Tasks at specific times
  • Waiting for Legendary Task revamp
  • Waiting for another way to spend gold
  • Not in a guild, no place to spend gold
  • Just like hoarding stuff
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I have 4 mil right now. I usually donate about 15mil per month. My guild has had some turnover in recent months so we have more newer players that do not have all the troops. I donate what I have on gw week to try for a Mythic.

Its been futile though, over 1000 LTs since 4.7 and no Mythic yet. They didn’t nerf the rates though. Must be a year long “streak.” I’m sure the devs would justify it that way somehow.


Over 160 mil. Don’t believe in Guilds. Or rather, don’t trust other people in Guilds.

Currently saving for upcoming faction weekend. But I usually donate 2-4mil to guild tasks per week. I currently have 1 kingdom at power 10 and that’s my highest right now, so I don’t get that much passive income from tributes. Lot of explore and pvp grinding though.

How does your trust of other people in guilds affect you being in a guild? That is, if you were in a guild, and you didn’t trust other players, what would that matter? How would that possibly affect how you play?

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You don’t have option for “None at all”!

Not everyone is in a Guild with members that are so flush they can complete all the Tasks with Gold to spare…

My understanding of the “guild” concept includes a need for cooperation among players. I find people uncooperative. Call me a pessimist.

Besides, what I have read elsewhere in these forums regarding various guild events doesn’t entice me.

… I mean, I can no longer argue here …

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Nevertheless, guild events are a regular source of blue orbs.
Started late Jan 2020, have Zuul’goth and 10.5 major blue orbs towards E. Kurandara.

Concur. If @rbchaffe you mean that you don’t see them matching your gold contributions, you could always go last before reset. :man_shrugging:

Don’t quote me, but if you’re collecting tributes every hour, missing a couple a day, say 12/day, I think end gamers (Kingdoms 15+, Renown 50K+) get a cool half million per week without playing anything else.

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I think that’s a fair estimate. If I collect 15 tributes on Mon-Thurs, 16 on Friday, and 14 on Saturday and Sunday (I don’t wake up as early since weekend), that’s 104 tributes in a week. That’s with a 5 minute delay after every tribute (so if the first tribute is at 8:45, the next will be 9:50, then 10:55, then 12, then 1:05, etc.), to account for me not collecting the tribute exactly 1 hour after.

If every tribute gives 6000 gold, that’s 624k gold a week.

Yeah, striving towards the end-game. I know that between 3x (which is where I’m at) and 3.5x (where many end gamers are) doesn’t seem like much but at 104 tributes a week as per @igniteice the higher percentage chance of tribute and higher amounts once you get it make a difference. Even so, some day that’ll be me. And some day our guild will progress enough that I won’t need to overspend in guild tasks because everyone will pull their weight.

I like to hold 30-35m. This gives me some breathing room if the guild loses a member or two where we need to help cover for the time being or if I decide I have enough treasures to want to up my hoard and try another potionless faction run. I give 1.8m or so to the guild even though min’s are about half that…as long as all task are completed I just bank the extra gold for the week…if not, on Sunday…Glad I have the reserve

You’re missing out on a possible 4 chaos + 1 major chaos orb per week from world events alone. And writs from epic guild tasks. And so on and so forth. Personally, I wouldn’t even play if I didn’t have a guild. But to each their own :slight_smile:

On the subject of gold… I have anywhere between 500k - 13 mil on hand through the month. My minimum cash on hand is 500k, I keep 1 mil on hand for new faction weeks. The rest I put to guild tasks (~3 mil/week).

That sounds about right. I kept track for one week, out of curiosity. 72 tributes collected over 7 days netted me 677k.

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For no good reason, 10M. It’s a nice round number. I could hoard more but I just donate the rest for extra LTs.

There are different levels of guilds and many high end guilds have like minded players that don’t need much babysitting. If your issue is uncooperative people, than either you have never been in a quality guild before in this game, or you haven’t searched for a guild that matches your play level. Not to mention there is little cooperation needed except for tower events but I’m sure there are guilds that don’t require a lot of coordination but it is beneficial and makes those events easier.

My only counter argument is the fact that you are missing out on tons of rewards not being in a guild. Even if you didn’t play the events, you would still passively receive the rewards from those in the guild that did. There is literally no gameplay benefit to not being in a guild, even if you are just squatting in a open public guild with no discord or network.

In the end you do you, but if you ever plan on progressing faster in the game I would consider a guild at some point.

~20m on my main, ~4m on my first alt, and ~1m on the others. I frequently have lulls in not just playtime but now even just collecting tributes, my alts being almost entirely just donation only for months (the last time they got any small bursts of actual play were for probably team build testing Amaraok with low stats and more limited troop options, and the instances where something releases that opens up a new “punch up” combo with low stats seems to be getting more and more sparse), so I’ll often cover the minimum donation on weeks where donating more doesn’t get us to any relevant breakpoint, then dump more gold on weeks we need help, with heavy focus on getting the basic task set complete. I’m completely burnt out on “grinding” of any kind so if I ran short of requirements it would likely result in me dropping that account completely. Luckily, I’ve spent no significant amount of gold on factions in… a while, and unless something drastic changes, probably won’t ever, my alts are mostly at their self-imposed “progression caps”, and I don’t hold any illusions about gold’s spending power being buffed (the opposite is actually far more likely). Some of my gold on my main goes to the occasional kingdom level 15 upgrade, but I’ve only bothered with Magic so far, and what I do play generally more than covers the avg 1 mil per week I put in (of a 300k requirement).

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I’m hoarding many things in Gems of War, because I rather look at it than use it (Orb of Growth, anyone?).

But I don’t feel like I’m hoarding my gold despite my total.

I’m sitting on 131 million gold, basically all from explore this year. 2 mil weekly to the guild, up to 10 mil if I use low end treasures to level up my hoard, 2.95 mil gold to get a kingdom to go from Kingdom Level 16 to 20.

I’m ready incase I need it.

If not, when I’m ready to part with it, I can always dump some into LTs. I did donate 50 mil in December last year.


Average over 2.75 million to guild over 100 weeks.

Spent absolutely millions on hoard to average 170, mostly due to having to use Priest’s Chalices.


PvP from after my first few months, used Spider armour to keep my level low and no explore at all until the new version came in.

I am also behind others in guild in terms of gold afaik…


Gold Hoard sitting pretty at 790. It’s a bit more now…I just collected Tributes.

I already used Glory to Mythic the Haunted Guardian. In the past, I would use Glory to buy additional troops just so I could donate more gold during GW weeks. I’m starting to think I should use those wings for glory keys tho, as I still Orrery, Hadley, and 16 Mythics…


Personally, I’m waiting for the “Get a Faction to Treasure Hoard level 1000” achievement that I bet will come once all factions have been released and everyone has completed them all without ever cracking 300. You’ll need that 100+M, and a whole lot more.