Going No Where Fast

I hope all is well with everyone.

I’m a relatively new player, level 53. My deck is currently the Crude Club, Ranger, Dust Devil, and Dark Master. I have ascended Ranger and Dist Devil to Ultra Rare, and I believe Dark Master is still rare.

I seem to have hit a plateau. I can’t for the life of me get any legendary cards, nor can I get any good epics. I’m just stuck and I don’t know how to progress. Can anyone give me tips on how to upgrade my deck? My rating seems to have been stuck at 1,800 for well over a week now.

I have Dragon armor, and I’m in a pretty good guild for my level, if either of these facts matter. I’m unsure of how to spend glory, gems, and glory seals.

Cheers, I appreciate all the help I can get!

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Have you found an active guild? It doesn’t have to be a top guild, but a reasonably active guild, with members contributing, nets you many more keys and resources than playing alone.

You will hit some plateaus from time to time. The troops you have, don’t scale well as the game progresses. Ranger is good, but Dust Devil is good for moving their troops, but damage doesn’t scale. Same with Dark Master.

A good middle game team often uses Knight Coronet, and other knights, as some of them have great abilities. I think there is a whole thread in the Community Guides section of the forum.

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Here is a post that hopefully will help get the creative juices flowing. There are so many options in this game now, you can make a lot of great teams, but also get bogged down into lack of synergy.

A few more posts to help you out:

And check out Tacet’s videos:


Let us know what makes you say that. A good guild should have a large number of active players (like 15 to 30), with most or all contributing to guild tasks every week. Those tasks generate a significant number of keys, souls and glory for every member, and those keys mean troops.

At your level, you should be opening every key you get pretty much immediately to expand your deck. Since you already have Dragon Armor, gems should probably be spent on gem keys every time you have enough saved to buy a pack of 50 for the best volume discount.

Hitting some plateaus in this game is unavoidable, but keep trying to make progress wherever you can - be that completing quests (you get an Epic card, many of them quite good, for each completed quest), finishing challenges for souls, or doing treasure hunt or arena.

when I was that level I used(abused) a whitehelm team

Archon Statue
Paladin (or Mercy)

Use the Blue/Green banner.

For very general team-building advice, I’d say think about trying to either build a team around a mana generator (a troop that can convert one colour of gems into another, such as Valkyrie, Giant Spider, Green Seer or Apothecary).

For example, a team built around Valkyrie would have 3 troops with blue as one of their colours (preferably without yellow or red). For example, Griffon Knight (Blue/Brown), Poison Master (Bl/P), Valkyrie (R/Y), Druid (Bl/G). This team is all rare and ultra-rare troops, would use all 6 colours and Valkyrie can make blue to feed all of them. You wouldn’t need any traits for this team to work and it will generate souls every time you cast Valkyrie. This is just one example - you can use this same template approach with any of the mana generators to come up with something that works with the cards that are available and is fun for you.

Try some different stuff and let us know how it is going or if there are any specific difficulties that you’re having. Lots of experienced players will share good advice with you, though we’ll often disagree. The great thing is there are MANY ways to be successful, so listen to everything and then figure out what makes sense for you.

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Heh @Stan are you a PR rep irl?

Ha, no. Chartered accountant. What made you ask?

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The way you talk (or more accurately type) sounds like they could be press releases or something lol

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First of all, I want to thank everyone for your helpful suggestions and links. Should give me a lot to mull over in the coming days.

While I realize my deck can use a lot of work, I’m still unsure on how the progression really works. I’ll face guys in PvP and guild wars with all legendaries and mythics. I’m just not sure what chests or quests drop those crazy troops.

I think my guild has around 20-25 members, most of whom are inactive. What keeps me here is that we have around 6 members who are 150-250 level, and they dish out tons of gold. I end up with 250 gold keys per week, and a bunch of other goodies. They focus on the brown tasks the most. I’m not much help in war, though. I wish they’d sit out the inactive guys.

I contribute what I can, but I’m just learning that leveling up my kingdoms to 10 is key, so I kind of stopped. Do I still get the task rewards without giving gold? I usually give 1,000 to every task.

Final question, what does tribute do and why are these costly kingdom levels so key?

Thanks again folks.

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Again, when you say ‘tons of gold’, I’m not sure how much that actually is. When I was in the early game, I was hesitant to leave the first guild I joined because it seemed good, but once I got over it, I was able to find much better guilds with more active players and the rewards were much better. Check out the guild recruitment threads in the forums and see if you can find an active guild (where everyone plays) and things might get even better for you. Most guilds that advertise here will have a leader that is fairly serious (but watch out for recruiting threads with only one post).

Levelling up your kingdoms primarily increases your tribute. When you log in to the game and each hour thereafter, the game will do a tribute check. For each kingdom that you own, you will have a percentage chance equal to the level of the kingdom to get tribute from that kingdom. For example, if you have 2 kingdoms at level 3 and level 5, you’d have a 3% chance of tribute from the first and a 5% chance of tribute from the second. The more kingdoms you have, and the higher their level, the more tribute you will collect every time. There are other things that modify the amount of tribute and percentage chance, but in the early game, you want to get as many kingdoms unlocked as you can and get them all up to the highest level that you can. Each level costs more, so there are diminishing returns. A good target is to get all of the kingdoms up to about level 5 and then start getting them up to 10 one by one (level 10 also gives a stat boost to each of your troops). Once you get all of your kingdoms levelled up, you can get a significant amount of glory, gold, souls and gems for doing nothing more than logging in every hour. I don’t keep track, but I would think I get in the thousands of glory and over 100,000 gold every week just from this.

We don’t need to know what they give, the information is in your post. Players donating ‘tons’ of Gold are not found in guilds with 20 inactive members.

Start looking for an guild with 25+ active players. A day or so before the reset is an excellent time. Know what you can realistically donate per week as many GM will ask. Find out the Requirements before joining.

Once your in an active Guild the resources will flow.

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@MourningRaptor3 i run a very active guild and 250 gold keys are nothing compared to what we get… I would like to extend you an invitation to join our ranks so i sent you a PM with some info about us

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The only issue is that 25+ active members who are my level probably won’t complete as many tasks as these guys. I took a second look at it and I sold them a bit short. In this young week, we’ve given approximately 740k gold, which at least from my perspective is quite a bit. I don’t know if someone my level can ask for much more. Perhaps I can, I mean just not sure.

By the end of the week I’ll check how many seals we have, as I have never spent any seals and have many left over. If we aren’t at 40k I’ll probably leave. I imagine 40k seals isn’t a lot for active guilds?

Depending on your activity you could do better. Many guilds have members do 500k+ on the top end members average 1m+ each.

40k seals is a big milestone only the most active guilds hit consistently.

I’m pretty active, but I’m only level 53, and I can’t compete with that. Sure, I’d love to mooch, but these guilds probably don’t allow that, and with good reason. Maybe I’ll test the waters. It seems like I should.

Don’t over think it, and do yourself a favor. Take @Vangor up on his offer. If you don’t like gorillas there are other Guilds😉. You’ll look back in a few weeks and wish you’d joined an ‘active’ guild sooner.


@Strat I actually did but im on the Xbox one! I couldn’t find a console sunforum so I posted here. The guild interface is kind of bad on console, which doesn’t help my cause. I assume console players can’t unite with pc players, as I assume all of you are?

In on the X1 too.

  1. I changed the category.
  2. Watch in game chat especially on Sunday/Monday. There are so many guilds looking for members you can’t keep them strait.
  3. On X1 Join the Club ‘THE GEMS OF WAR CLUB’ there are hundreds of players there.
  4. I’ll contact someone that should suit your level. send me your GT