Going No Where Fast

Hey, I just started playing less than a week ago and am currently level 63. I can easily make 300k+ gold a day if I spend a decent amount of time playing. About 1.5k-3k gold per PvP battle w/ Spider Armor.

I’m currently not in any guild as to avoid the exp bonus they provide. I’m trying to maintain a low level to get easier PvP battles and get enough gold to max out all my Kingdoms before joining a guild. I currently have 9x Kingdoms at level 10 and rest are at 5. So getting gold definitely is possible at our level. I think the majority of exp bonus is from guild wars? Maybe I should join a guild that doesn’t do guild wars.

If I’m not doing PvP for gold, I’m either farming for Treasure Maps with a Tyri team and doing Treasure Hunts or farming souls with a Valkyrie team. Treasure Hunts was a big boost for me with the resources it provide, it also gives 0 exp.