Goblin Teams are so unbalaced :(

That’s ok, I beat you first :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted, I do wonder if that defense team of yours ever wins. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did though.

Goblins are new webspinners - everyone plays it, everyone hates playing aginst them. They should be seriously nerfed!!!

Every now and then I log in and lo and behold, I have actually defended my kingdom just by having a gate!

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I don’t hate playing against them. One extra turn is much more bearable than the infinite extra turns Webspinners had.

I still beat goblin teams with my Transformers

Hero with Eternal Flame (use yellow to create red)
Alchemist (red/brown to change X to yellow)
Banshee (purple/yellow to do damage and blue to red)
Valkyrie (red/yellow to change X to blue)

Once it gets going, it is pretty easy to beat them when you keep them from ever getting a turn. Typically once I fill Hero or Alchemist the first time I can get a cycle going. It does take a little time, and isn’t ‘trivial’ in choosing moves to keep cycle going.

@MarvelKit How is that possible? O_o It has no attack and has no spell damage… is it a battle between two gates and the last one to die of old age wins?
@tweetypl I love playing them, I have zero problem playing against them, and I hope they won’t get the Silencer treatment.
Also, does that mean I should change my extremely nnoying QQ defensive line-up for a Goblin line-up now? I’m confused.

I don’t hate paying against them either, they pose a good fun challenge really. No nerfing needed.

Now dire wolf on the other hand…


Oh god, Dire Wolf needs a serious nerf along with the Nymph. Seriously overshadows the other commons and the amount of battles I’ve lost to the beast is quite troublesome. I feel that if nothing’s done soon that we’ll be overrun with packs of wolves all the time when invading. :sob:


I have no idea! In another thread someone suggested that may come from people retreating. Actually I haven’t seen it since the scout option was installed.

Here we go again, crew how about a nerf? :wink:

This is still one of the best teams there is. I prefer having Valkyrie in the third slot and Banshee in the fourth slot, but that hardly makes a difference, Couple this with the Proud banner for double red bonus and with 2 3-red matches you’re ready to start changing gems. This team can easily be used to defeat any team (golbin team, dragon team, webspinner/venoxia team) at Warlord 2 level. The only downside of this team, IMHO, is that matches take quite long…

That’s the standard all-time farming line-up… proven to win effectively - but sooooo slow… and you really have to pay attention…

I have a Goblin team and I sure am not seeing what you guys are seeing - no full-blown Goblin teams when going to Level 1 PVP in the past day, either Invading or Defending (level 122 and have faced a range of players from a high of 200+ to a low of 60 or 80-ish). A few teams had a couple goblins (Rocket, Hobgoblin), but no full-four Goblin teams. I did face a couple of the Banshee-Valkerie-Alchemist teams, but it is also easy to beat when you take out the Hero or Banshee (the damage dealing troops) first - the other two don’t matter after that.

I don’t think that the goblin or dragon line-up are broken… I just think they are well built and taking advantage of the new game mechanic!
The only difference with other builds, is that they’re accessible to many, as they require no legendaries or low-tiers ones.

I would not nerf these teams, I would add new bonuses that power-up other mixes.

As @Archenassa would say, that’s my two gems…

Pile on here:

Let’s leave the goblins alone and makes cards that are good counters!

I agree, although I think they were strong in 1.06 also. I also agree that they should be accessible to many (except Hobgoblin! Still opening chests for it!) but as I was trying to state from my experience, not too many are necessarily (which is why I included my level info in case the players seeing goblin teams are in a different range).

I will say that during last week’s PVP, I did come across more full Goblin teams, maybe 3-4? I didn’t keep track of the players though, so not sure if I faced any this time and they were swapped out or what. Those were some pretty exciting mirror matches though. :smile:

As a side-note, my Goblin team was actually the first team my 6 year old built when he wanted to see the game and the troops :smile:

The reason I put banshee in 3rd is to avoid any “hit the last unit” mechanics, like the rock worms. If the banshee dies I have a hard time doing damage, so i put it in the safest slot.

The real fun comes when my gobby team runs into someone else’s gobby team! Some nail biting, cascade calculating moves there. So far I haven’t lost any of those engagements, though several have been won due to luck for sure.

I had a goblin team from before the patch, but I could never get it to work. The goblins were just too fragile to really get going. I left it as a defense team to provide some variety for peeps tired of seeing the same old teams. It pretty much lost every defense. I took it down as a defense team after the patch because there were too many other gobby teams and a lot of peeps were saying they were no fun to fight. I still run it as my attack team though and it is incredibly effective.

Now my defense team is dwarfs (I moved to Khaziel so it seemed to make sense), and while they don’t lose as much as the pre-patch gobbies, they certainly don’t win very often (getting them all to lvl 15 would prolly help though).


After 1.0.8, too many golbin teams :frowning:

True - but there’s a detailed Goblin discussion here Goblageddon (quite scary)
so don’t suggest we revive this thread for it too!