Gnomes should STILL count as a death [NOT A BUG]

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Didn’t think to catch the SS until after the gnome came into the battle and replaced Scorpius.
But here’s proof that I had the task unlocked prior to the battle.

Proof that I triggered a treasure gnome. You’ll have to take my word for it that I know it was Scorpius in the 3rd position that the treasure Gnome replaced.

And here’s proof that it the treasure gnome replacing Scorpius didn’t count it as a kill. Therefore it didn’t Complete the Campaign task.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Battle Crashers and Gnomes replacing troops acting as kills. Gnomes don’t count as kills. Battle Crashers do count as kills. Which makes zero sense mechanics wise.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since the creation of Gnomes and made worse by the creation of the hoops where certain troops need to be killed.

Steps to make it happen again
Anger the RNG God’s or the devs… whichever happens first it seems. :person_shrugging:

I’ll unearth the bug report I make mention to in the title when I have more time, unless someone beats me to it. I think I called it “double feature” but I’m not 100% sure and the search feature is sub par on here.

What felt like 8k battles later.
I shit you not. Lol!!!

So at least the battle crasher side of it is still working as intended.

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I can confirm that the Battle Crasher replacing Scorpius does count as a kill, because I just had it happen and was thinking “Sh!t, I’ve just done a Level 12 explore run and Mythic Battle, just to have the bloody thing wasted…!”

I was very relieved when it turned out I got the Star…

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Can confirm, batlle crashers replacing other troops couts as kill, in this case with Scorpious. Also check the 1 soul it gives when replaced.

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Just to be clear guys, I’m not reporting that battle crashers acting as a kill is bugged. I’m reporting that gnomes NOT acting as kills is bugged. Despite it always being that way. I’m citing battle crashers as a reason why gnomes should act as kills just the same.

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Here’s the original ignored bug report.

Perhaps I should start a collection.

Unlike pet Gnomes, this one didn’t get a magical ninja patch to remedy it. So now the bug added 10-20 minutes more grind to a Campaign task during a holiday week in the states 3 months after I originally brought up the issue. :person_shrugging:

How did it add 10-20 min more of a grind? If you are talking about beating scorpius than casual pvp is the way to go. Takes two seconds to find…as always.

Not to mention you already have to complete 5 explore runs and unless you are very unlucky, it will pop up in the mythic boss battle at level 12 on one of those. In fact it popped up 2 of the 4 mythic boss battles. I have a fairly fast explore 12 team so no need to ever play under 12, I assume you have similar teams opposed to running the explore 8, but I guess that’s besides the point.

The actual point your making is valid, but the amount of ridiculous moaning and groaning to make the point is obnoxious. We get it, bugs been around forever, sucks that it triggered for you, but just post the bug report and move along. Hell make a gigantic well organized list of known bugs in a Google doc and post it here, update it as the reports pile up.

Making as many complaints and bug reports as you do I feel like its become less about actually wanting change and more about the attention.

But what do I know. Maybe berating the devs like this using this as your own personal forum soap box is the way to go. You do you.

I just had a Moa trigger rising shadows. More pleased with that than I should be.

Based on the other bug reports getting at the very least “title adjustments” and this one being untouched.

I’m gonna diagnos this bug/issue as the Pet Gnome Arena type. It’ll be ignored and then magically ninja patched one day.

(Either that or the title is too long for salty to edit without deleting my words so she didn’t know what to do. Lol

So I’ll edit it just in case.)

Gnomes don’t kill people. Battle Crashers do. Think of it as a pro-wrestling tag-team match, where Scorpius tags out to let a Gnome jump off the top rope. Moa comes running down the ramp and blind sides Scorpius, stomping his head in the process. Vicious birds, gotta keep one eye open for 'em.

I agree with you here.

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I spoke with the team and this is working as intended. We won’t be changing how this operates.

Then “then the team” needs to update the campaign tasks to be more clear.
And include “… And unless the troop is replaced by a gnome in battle.”

Because I definitely found Scorpius in a non training battle. And the victory screen is proof that I defeated Scorpius in battle. But the Campaign didn’t recognize it because y’all don’t want to go back and recode it to work the same as battle crashers.
Well, I don’t want to be mislead as I play and pay for the campaigns. :person_shrugging: