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Gnome-a-Palooza Changes

Also it feels like this, like the oops-we-made-GAP-loopable misconfiguration on release day, should have been spotted and addressed during beta.


They’ve already triple screwed veterans three times over with the hard denial of War Coins, I wouldn’t put anything past them.


Nobody can do 6 full battles per minute. Especially during a GAP where sometimes they have > 20hp. 4.5 is the absolute max bpm during a GAP.

I hope they didn’t nerf rewards based on 6 being possible.


It sounds from Salty’s original post and Kafka’s followups like fast play is still going to be the best approach?

Salty’s post says rewards from fast play will be throttled but that the 6-battles-a-minute player will still earn more than the 1-a-minute player.

Kafka clarified that vault key drops won’t be affected, although TBH I’m putting a big mental “for now” note on that.

Finally the pity keys during Vault weekend for killing X gnomes still strongly skew towards doing fast GAP battles to maximize the number of pity keys per GAP. At least for the first few, where pity keys drop like confetti.


4s battles are the quickest I’ve seen without cheating.


Yeah, I think it’ll still be a toss up between E1 ironhawk and E6-7 phoenicia. This tips the scale a bit towards phoenicia teams (which earn 2k+ gold per battle during a GAP).


Lol. What a load of BS. The reason they don’t give specifics of this is because it’s a completely made up story. Do any of you really think a company who can’t even program a simple gem interaction(ie Lycanthropy, and now Potion gems) without breaking the game can program a complex system that monitors speed of repeated battles along enemy strengths as well as account level and strength vs expected results quick enough to reduce received awards accordingly? Get real.

This is a blanket nerf and nothing more. Those who farm fast will see the reduced numbers and think they were throttled while those who farm slow won’t receive enough rewards to know the difference. This is why no info is or will be giving on this change.

This is all just another part of the company strategy to anger end gamers into quitting the game as those are the people with the least incentive to spend money. This is why 95% of their money offers are geared towards new players who are to inexperienced to know any better. Just think about the fact that all of the major issues over the last couple patches were pointed out clearly to development by the beta testers and yet still implemented. That seems more like a well planned attack on the player base then a whoops we messed up situation.

Anyway as someone who has spent several thousands of dollars on this game i can safely say they wont get an extra penny out of me.

And for clarity - A monkey could do six battles per minute if giving the right team. If you wanted to solve the issue then fix the troops that make it possible instead. If we’re not intended to clear battles in under 10 seconds then don’t give us troops that allow that. Hell even a standard Rowanne or Sunbird team can do up to 5 battles/min.


What about when you add in load in and load out time per match?


Then you are over 60 seconds or a dev sitting next to the server :innocent:

It’s close, but you absolutely can not do 6 full battles per minute, even if the servers are behaving optimally. At 4 seconds per battle, you’d have to spend fewer than 6 seconds between battles.

You can do 5, but you really can’t do 6.

Edit: Actually, it’s even worse during a GAP, because each gnome does its entry animation. It’s probably closer to 4.5 as Fleg said.


That would be like 7sec per battle and allows you to do 8 battle per min.
Since gnome animation takes one sec its 8sec per battle so still 7battle per min.

Use 2x Ironhawk/Greed/Dust Devil. Cast Greed, Cast Dust Devil = 25 damage to all without giving up you turn. This has been showed in all of Tacets vault farming streams where he averages 5 to 6 battles/minute. To say it’s not possible without cheating means you have not even cared enough to find out how.

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I am in the 1% and probably even in the 0.1%. I got so many ressources last time that i knew it would be nerfed. Though, concerning 6 battles per minute, the problem is not the battle itself but the loading times. You have to add like 10 secondes everytime counting the click and the loading. So i would say 5 battles per minute seems to be an absolute max if you click real fast.


I can do 6 battles per minute OUTSIDE of GaP. But during GaP animation of replacing troops with gnomes takes several seconds and reduces the number of battles per minute from 6 to ~4.
I don’t see ANY way to legitimately do 6 battles per minute during GaP. You simply cannot skip that animation.


my testing,explore run = 5 battles

Level 1 dust devilx2 = 1m 15sec
Level 3 sunbird = 1m 30 sec
Level 5 phoenicia = 1m 45 sec

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How about you read Kafkas post again? They clearly say that 4s per battle is possible which means you can do more than 6 full battle per min.

How about giving us SPECIFICS about what you have changed? This is just more of your blasted mushroom policy.


Totally agree with that post. It would be good to know if i have to do fast explore 12, pvp or can do explore 1 for min/max even with the nerf oO

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Yes that is a fair point but their nerf is based off players doing 6 battles/min which is why i put it like that.

The examples given were that you won’t notice a change if you do 1 or 2 battles a minute. Hello??? Am I supposed to fall asleep?