Gnome-a-Palooza Changes

As sad as it is and mainly because of your unbearing arrogance I have timed Tacet’s download time against my own as a UK Xbox player and there is around 0.9 seconds in favour of Tacet per battle. Which really does show that it has absolutely nothing to do with an end gamer being able to ‘execute the click’ better than a newb ffs.

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That and the fact that i am the so far known player to power level a acc from lv1 to 1000 in 1 week. (Although i had some help oO)

until you are not going all out and saying “i am a newb and can easily doing non stop 75 per gnome storm” your words holds little meanings

why did you not link it to the topic you already made instead of copy pasting it? oO
Also nerfing ironhawk wouldnt do much. What dev wants is taht you just do one battle per min. Everything above that is too much.

Because I didn’t think of that for starters, and I think you are underestimating the difference it makes. It you nerf the 2 troops that enabled this strategy, it pushes people back to the older strats, which are slowed up by the explosions, the cascades, or lack there of, if the enemy gets a turn, and the chance that the single exploding troop won’t fill the damage dealer.

Nerfing the Ironhawk indeed stops the 5+bpm while gnome storm is up. However you do know that there is enough teams out there able to do 4bpm. And reality is that even 4bpm is too much for IP2. IP2 just doen want to say so and instead blaming the so called 1% top players oO

But at least those teams have a chance to fail to do so, which the aforementioned team does not. 5+ BPM is the problem, not teams that have the potential for 4BPM, but don’t have 100% efficiency.

I do agree on your statement. The potential of failing is given with all the other teams. But so speaking the problem could be the empowered ones to begin with. Without empowered ironhawk wouldnt be so impressive since if you have to gems no matter what then you would go for the higer difficulties

(yeah i know. lets no cry about the messes of the past, but i wanted to have it mentioned for the records)

As for your propose nerf i am not sure what to think about it. Indeed ironhawk is too effective to spree those explore 1 over. Maybe the design of that mythic itself is bad. Like another one which i wont mention here for now since i dont want to be grilled because i dont want dev blaming it all on me that they nerf that mythic

Best player? You are playing 1t pvp With a shitty winratio. :joy: :rofl:




Is it though? I think this puts too much weight on the original post’s language of “top 1%”, “clever teams”, “six battles per minute” and concludes that oh, it’s the Ironhawk teams that are the problem.

Look at the nerf they actually implemented though: it’s not just specifically the fastest teams it targets, it’s all the fast teams.

I don’t think it’s Ironhawk they see as the problem; it’s the entire min-max approach of grinding Gnome-a-Palooza battles as fast as possible.


Whatever you say. If you get even close that that pvp points i will be quiet. Until then i would advice you to be quiet since you dont even have the slightest idea what is behind that number

So much for petras. A grouo with double standards? oO

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I’m also curious how many of those gnome deaths came while the verse gnomes were still appearing in GaP’s, since taking them out of GaP’s also inherently lowers the number of GaP’s as a whole, further reducing the resources people are getting, regardless of which fast team you use.

Haha, you are such an entertainer bud. Reading your comments makes me have tears in my eyes. Just continue with that attitude. Which guild are you in if I may ask? You wouldnt last 1 day in my guild. So stay away from it please.


Just to make it clear: Gettin that many pvp points by doin around 0,8 bpm for a whole week doesnt make you a good player. It just points out what baggart you are imo


I wouldnt even want to join your guild to begin with. Clearly if you declare gloriously how you want to make forum “better” and be “positive” but in reality just going around to degrade everything which doesnt fit your little world makes you nothing more than a hypocrite



how the hell are you calculating that 0,8 bpm to begin with? oO