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Gnome-a-Palooza Changes

I literally haven’t even been able to do one of these since the initial weekend release. Good f-ing work.


I feel like we need some clarity here. At what thresholds does the throttling kick in? On XBox we’re seeing a max of 66 battles if we do explore 1 with Ironhawk. There’s no way we’re getting 6 battles/minute with loading times. Will 3 battles/minute at Explore 4 or 5 trigger throttling or is that good? Is this going to be scaled to the player level or teams power or are lower level players just going to lose out badly (arguably they are the ones that benefit most from GAPs as a way to catch up on resources, and they just can’t match the same team level that end game players can.


Love how the “1%” get blamed for being too fast. Easy to scapegoat those guys. Fact is ANYBODY could easily do 50+ battles per GAP. Endgames were only doing a few more battles than that per GAP with the most optimal team.

Much easier to blame the 1% than admit nobody in the office could put together a decent speed team to test GAP’s before release.


Also, this. Are the changes really intended to ONLY punish the 1%, or did the threshold get set low enough that if you’re doing more than, say, a battle per minute, you get nerfed?


Salty, you forgot to actually explain the change :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the why. Because “rewards were balanced with a certain number of gnomes in mind, but the actual number of gnomes we’re seeing is more than what we expected, so we need to rebalance”.

It sucks and it makes everyone feel crappy. If it was just done this way in the first place, people wouldn’t feel like they missed out. Hopefully this has taught you to do better at understanding how even the “most efficient players” of your game play it and you’ll do better in the future.

Now back to what the changes actually are. Can you not just tell us? What is “too quickly” and what enemies are “too easy”? What does “proportionally” mean and which rewards are affected? People are going to figure it out anyway, you know how deviously efficient we can be. Tell us so everyone can make an informed decision on how to play the event.


Hey, just to jump in quickly:

This change should effect the top 1% of gnome slayers only, and only during a Gnome-a-palooza, those who are fighting against weak opponents and slaughtering them super quickly (the example in the original post is 6 battles per minute), while those who play against opponents more suitable for their own account level and teams, who maybe only play or 2 battles a minute won’t notice a change.

ONLY during an active Gnome-a-palooza.


The developers have done their job badly again. But the players are to blame.


Does the change affect battle rewards specifically? Like souls earned, gold collected etc.? Or does it also affect the gold dropped by a treasure gnome? If a gnome intends to drop 2500 gold, does it still happen if it dies?

No, it only affects the rewards the gnome drops. If you play a super easy battle for you and you do it super quickly because of that the gnome rewards will be lower than you have been used to during gnome-a-paloozas up until now.

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Does this affect vault key drop rate?


Understood. Gold or souls are affected by a factor or a proportion. What about the other drops? Say a gnome intends to drop an EVK. Does the drop rate get lowered? Can it still happen at the same rate? Thanks for being present here to answer. :hugs:

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Can someone do 6 battles in a minute? Wow😱 Well the Palooza will still work well as a gnome bait. Hopefully that won’t be changed… You have rescued the left leg that belongs to Son of Tau or you only found the owlbunny’s right eyeball, a little bit too nasty nerfs. I can play about 42 battles per 15 minutes, so, nothing will change for me? The guidelines are a bit blurry, but good think this didn’t come out as the last thing before weekend, so none are left in the dark and there is time to clarify the situation before the vault event.


Their system detected it obviously. Probably just bots with ridiculous internet speeds. :stuck_out_tongue:


So the Gnome counter during the events is uneffected?
Not too bad at all if that’s the case. Is it just Soul(etc) Gnomes drop less, by how much 50%?
You guys should really open with this information, takes the sting off it if vault keys are uneffected :slight_smile:


I will hence call this event Colon-a-palooza

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Omg lol I rescued one of gobblekin’s boogers :rofl:


I of the top 1% player base agree :+1:

The drop chances of the reward types aren’t affected, however the amounts received are decreased in the case outlined in our previous posts in this thread.

Because Vault Keys only drop 1 Vault Key, they can’t be decreased to 0 so they’re not directly affected by this change. However, if you do decide to farm higher level explores for example to mitigate this change, and you’re normally someone who runs 4 second explore battles, then obviously you’ll be receiving less Vault Keys than you used to simply because you’re doing less battles than you used to in the same time period.


The other shoe has been found.
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


Thank you. Please lead with this next time :joy: I’ll let you in on a little secret: one percenters only care about the vault keys, all the other resources are just an extra bonus :wink: