Global Mail Exploit (Banpocalypse 🔥)


@awryan, I’d just like to remind you that you do not know when we will be releasing 4.3.


On a more serious note, we are comfortable with our decision, especially when considering the extent to which this exploit was abused.


Note that this literally happened in China recently. The person didn’t spend the money, IIRC, and when arrested claimed they were just holding onto it until the bank realized the mistake.

Also note that they were still arrested, despite doing less with their ill-gotten gains than the banned players did with the gems they knew were bogus.


That seems relevant. Thanks for clearing that up. :ok_hand:
So Monday, not Sunday. My bad.


The 10 gem thing said 4.3 keys take effect in April, so the patch will be out by then it can be assumed, so question the mail said the mythic and legendary drop rates will be buffed a bit, is that a ruse to justify the mail (and thus getting my hopes of of a counterbalance to the Spoils adjustment) or will the odds really be better (event if only slightly)?


@Cell The odds to pull a Legendary or Mythic troop from event keys will see an increase.


Im sorry but someone got 70,000 free gems, and you want them to be unbanned because cheating is fine during GW weeks??

french word no. Ban the more french words’s

They decided to exploit it.
They cop the punishment for it.

And if the guild they are in gets destroyed massively in GW because of it, then so be it. Maybe then they will be shamed enough to not do stupid shit like this again in the future if they get their account back, or if they start a new 1.


Can you please adjust the odds for new legendaries? With kingdoms having 3 legendaires it takes a lot of keys when only the 2 old ones want to drop.


oh damn, I saw official news post with a bunch of replies, thought it was patch notes :frowning:


Sucks when players get banned during GW but they are the ones hurting their guilds and if someone needs to be banned it should happen immediately not when it’s convenient for people.


Take the gems away from players who did not spend them: easy to fix, take away the gems - no ban

However, to work out exactly what was gained from the players who did spend them - very difficult and therefore the easier solution for the devs is BANNED.

All exploiters did the same crime but some escape punishment completely while others get banned simply because devs can’t work out how to revert their accounts. Stinks :rage:


Not like if someone on a sports team committed a crime, that they would wait til the season was over to arrest them so they wouldn’t hurt the team :smiley:

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Uh, this may not be strictly true. Consequences vary widely by league, player, and crime committed.

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I’d take this if this had an esports element, this game doesn’t. Plenty of VIP accounts banned for abusing the error.

Effort should be made to at least revert in some way as has been done in other gem related games. Can’t speak for the difficulty of that but an explanation of the difficulty might help ease the minds of some.


@Sirrian You can’t ban some and not others, that’s totally NOT ok. Equal treatment buddy. Either take away the stuff from everybody or ban everybody.


yeah, i was thinking in general, but i know what you mean


As much as I love all these analogies…
None of this would’ve even happened if the mail system wasn’t bugged.
So if you aren’t going to fire the programmer who caused the bug.
The least you can do is wait until the end of the week to fire the player. If his or her co-workers are counting on them the rest of the week. They didn’t break a law. They broke an arbitrary rule. With a :poop: load of grey area it seems.

  • I collected 10 gems.
  • To the best of my knowledge, none of my members have been banned.

Right is right though. And 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
Let’s say my guild finishes in the top 3 in bracket 1 because of the bans. We should feel pride because we won simply by not cheating a system that has nothing to do with GW???..
But yet!
GUILDS WHO ACTUALLY USE AN EXPLOIT TO GET WINS seem to go relatively unpunished. Why?
“Because the devs don’t want to punish the other members of that guild who didn’t use an Exploit.”

So basically…
If it screws the devs out of gems. You will face the Wrath of Sirrian.
But if it’s just other players screwing other players out of gems. Then it’s pretty much okay. Got it. :ok_hand:strong text


I do not think it will affect me or my guild but if it does I am comfortable with the decision. People should know better. There will always be another guild war. No one that spent good money on the game should want others to get everything for free.


I noticed quite a few guilds have had trophies deducted from their total…A punishment for the gem glitch?


My guess is, they wrote a macro to exploit the mail. Which is considered botting and goes with a trophy deduction. I count at least 5 guilds in the top 500 who lost Trophies within the past 2 hours.


it was their mistake I got banned level 1297 level 11 VIP I got a lot of players who spend money playing this game in hindsight shouldn’t have done it but it was to juicy to pass up found it on accident but i shouldn’t have been banned!!! For opening my mail .

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