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Global chat is permanently broken

Okay… I don’t know why this is not fixed by now and how is this not a somewhat big problem!? how about we fix these global chats. And in game chats, it’s been broken for a month now… isn’t it time to fix these things? On pc, it’s off and on where I can connect, but I play on my IPhone 7 Plus. Lastet IOS and all, and still freezes my game and makes me close and re open my game because you can’t connect into Global or guild chat.

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I don’t know how iOS works, but do you have anything that resemble the back arrow on Android?

If you can drag your screen to make these symbol appear while still having the game open, just hit the button that makes you return to the previous page when you are in a web page or something like that.

And then click on the chat icon again.