Global chat and you


Please keep this on topic. Arguing is in no way furthering this discussions, and personal attacks are not appropriate.

We review every ban on a case by case basis. We have always stated that banning is at our discretion and is a direct result of the severity of the infraction. In truth, we like to avoid banning where possible, to give players a chance to reform and be productive members of our community. Overall, our community is one of the more positive I have managed and been a part of.

In regards to the future, we are looking at ways to improve chat. I have also submitted the possibility of our guidelines (albeit a truncated version) be made easily accessible in game as a quality of live improvement.

In regards to the incident that sparked this thread, we reviewed the behaviors exhibited and each player was held accountable for their actions. I will comment no further on it, and am not here to argue with anyone, just clarify our thoughts and what I would like to see moving forward.

As said earlier, please keep this on topic and discuss this civilly.



I use Global. I like talking to people sometimes. Sadly, Global is often filled with trolling or adult conversations revolving around drug use. I would very much prefer harsh moderation of Global Chat. Gems of War continuously states that Global and the Forum should both be family friendly, and I would like to see some teeth put on that.

Furthermore, and most importantly, I am a member of the best guild in the world, GemMakin’ Bobsled Team. That actually has no bearing on anything. @Jonathan you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Thank you.

All opinions posted here do not reflect bobsledding or Jamaica in general. Actually, they might. I don’t know.


@Saltypatra I think if Infinity Plus 2 actually desires to reduce the toxicity of the global chat channels, it is absolutely imperative that they implement logging, and that all chat be reviewed, if not in real time, within the next business day, and toxic people must be held accountable always, not just when they happen to be caught during a live stream.

It is beyond my comprehension that logging does not seem to exist and that you had to beg for screenshots.

For shame, IP2.


We don’t just ban when we see things, and that is the purpose of players being able to report bad behavior. As I mentioned in my previous post, we are looking at how we can improve chat, with moderation being one of our considerations.

My team had a log of the incident which I reviewed after. I feel that my reaction was very calm and measured considering the circumstances. Reacting when live is very tricky and nuanced, as one doesn’t have the luxury of taking a moment to eloquently compose their thoughts before replying. Though not visible, I was very uncomfortable and flustered at the time, and did my best in a live setting.


I think the block feature is great to avoid people that stir the pot. I visit global a few times a day, there are some really nice people – not everyone, but they are there. I think giving us the block feature is enough, for now, to allow us to take action if we feel someone is toxic, the other option is we can report the person if we feel the necessity.

I see a few of the same great people in global everyday, and I try to stop in and say hello, and if I see a newby with a question, I try to be helpful. I don’t feel global is in need of constant dev attention, but I do use the block feature, so I mostly see nice people talking…


It was very visible to me. I’m so sorry you had to experience that. :hugging:


Global chat seems pointless and chaotic. Any time i have went in it there are multiple converstaions going on. If anyone is getting crazy by talking crap over global chat I think it would be important for everyone to remind themselves…they are playing gems of war for gosh sakes. Like seriously. Let that sink in lol


How do you get global to work on xbox? Ever since the last update I only see when people pull mythics…nothing else. Guild chat works fine.


Since the dawn of the internet there have been trolls, and yes some still reside in our global chat. Rule number one since trolls were discovered was DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! Reacting and firing back at the troll is exactly what they want, feed a troll once and they will come back for more everytime they see the person who fed them. That being said there are ways people can take action to combat trolls and improve global for themselves.
Step 1 ignore the troll or the chat altogether, it’s no fun for them if they dont get a reaction
Step 2 if it really bothers you but is not falling under bannable activity click that block button
Step 3 if it crosses a line for you and or clearly breaks the rules, send a little screenshot to the devs. No need to announce it. Just quietly do it.


This. Right here. Absolutely what he said. Do not feed the troll. Let them slip away when they get bored.


^ that


Amen Bobzilla.


Kraken party up in here!!! :raised_hands:

So this happened the other week in Global 001 (and I hope this counts as relevant):

If I had a bigger arrow, I would have used it. Crazy right?!? And while I know some people insist blocking out names from a public chat forum like Global isn’t necessary, it’s not something I’m personally comfortable with (positive or not), without permission. Also, I guess it’s time for the big, shock reveal that Sanka is my alt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: my horrifically over-leveled alt that I play at least as much as this character.

Please try to keep your post on topic, as true and understated as that may be, and

I believe call outs are against the Community Guidelines.


Calling someone a gentleman and scholar isn’t a call out, what is this forum coming to :joy:



Congratulations @Jonathan. You managed to capture 15 sentences in a row that are not bloody horrible or sexual innuendo. That is a rarity indeed.


To be fair on pc mobile there are some really, really sweet people in global chat: I try to be helpful and plenty of other vets do as well, there are those that wish people a good morning, offer team suggestions, and those that say hello to everyone that speaks in global chat…

I don’t believe it is a toxic environment, I am sorry some feel that way. I avoid it sometimes because it distracts me from the game, but otherwise I thoroughly enjoy chatting with most of my fellow Gems of War players!


Rarer than receiving 20+ tributes from the kingdoms… :laughing:


Just my tuppence on the subject:

I’ve never used GlobalChat. On the rare occasions I opened it, it was constant swearing, sex and toxicity.

My 10-year-old son plays GoW on PS4. I am really uncomfortable with GlobalChat being there and have told him to never go near it. He opened it by mistake trying to get to Guild chat, and got very upset with what he saw.

GlobalChat could be a great tool and mechanism for the game… but it’ll need massively more effort, moderation and policing to achieve that. Right now it’s a sewer and might be better served with a fixed link to the forums and social media and no public chat system at all…


I think, via parental settings, you can block his access to chat. But that might be unsatisfactory if you want him to use Guild Chat? I’m not sure how granular the console controls are.

But basically yes. What social networks have taught us since 2006 is, “You cannot build a good community without strong moderation”. There are forums I’ve been on for 20 years that are still chill places because they kicked out the jerks, and then kicked out the jerks who made drama about kicking out jerks. There are other forums I check in on and they are worse cesspools than when I left because once you decide it’s OK for some jerks to visit, they invite other jerks, and soon all that’s left is jerks and stragglers.

By analogy: chat is like a bathroom. No one likes to clean it. But if you don’t, very bad things start to develop and it gets harder to clean. Let that sit long enough, and things get stained/mold colonies are established and now it takes a renovation to clean it. Eventually fire is the only solution. So it’s worth cleaning the bathroom.

GoW’s chat janitors only work a couple of hours per day, and only 5 days per week. This gives mold plenty of time to take root.

Chat is expensive and difficult to maintain. If GoW wants it, it needs to pay the toll or chat will become “the reason people leave” instead of “a compelling feature”.