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Glitterclaw Card

Hi all. I know that the Glitterclaw card is a Legendary card, but I’m having the worst time getting one. I’ve opened up SO many chests lately. Tons and tons. And yet, not one single Glitterclaw card. I’m sure this is a stupid question, but is there something I’m missing, or is it just a super, super rare card?

You would have way better chance to get it from event keys if it were a Bright Forest event week.


It’s just rng. Legendaries are rare pulls, and there are many legendaries now, so getting that specific one missing one gets harder and harder.

As @Maxthor2789 says, event keys on a Bright Forest week are your best bet. Or craft it in the forge.

I remember when I first played (about 3.5 years ago now, I’ve been here since the start), Venoxia eluded me for ages. I was level 500+, had duplicates of the other legendaries, and still no Venoxia…

I’m still waiting for Chief Stronghorn to show up there. Four legendary troops a week, even with no repeats, still means an awful long time for any one of them to appear.

Me too.

I haven’t been checking in detail, but I am not convinced this is rotating properly, and pretty sure we are getting repeats…

If you dig through Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭

Soulforge was changed to only make sure troops don’t repeat 2 weeks in a row. If some troop, like Pharos-Ra, proves slippery enough, the devs will promise to make changes. If it still doesn’t show up after that, they’ll force it into the pool so players will stop complaining. It works. The thread was over within a dozen posts after everyone got their Pharos-Ra, and even the thread creator forgot he “still wanted improvements” within one post. (Also notable: dang a lot of those people have disappeared.)

A handsome guy had this to say about the proposed changes:

It took 8 days to implement the first change. It’s been 5 months since the next promise.

@Slypenslyde I have often liked your comments and appreciated you as a forum contributor. I don’t appreciate the call out, though. If you read the support group thread above then you will recall that you were very frustrated to be about 1k diamonds short of being able to craft your very own Ra that Christmas week. I would wager, if you had the diamonds and crafted said troop, I would not have been called out. Here was my sympathetic response to you:

While yes, I, personally, have not needed to be vocal about the Forge because yes, I DO have every troop… save ZG (who doesn’t count! :rage: ) I am still of the mind that there are better ways to implement things. The devs promised “some time in 2018” so we are only 4 months in atm. I’m not ready to say they have forgotten it yet.

BUT, if somebody feels that strongly, then THEY have the right to start a respectful, fun, thread like I did and solicit support to create change in the game we love. I see that thread as a very successful accomplishment and shining example of how well these forums work. And I am disappointed that you are misrepresenting it as a failure…



After reading the thread I see nothing wrong with it. I also think @efh313 pegged you perfectly in that you certainly would have had a different opinion had you been able to craft your ra then like others did. Worse yet you decide to badmouth someone who seemed genuinely sympathetic to your situation.


“Nothing sharper than a serpent’s tooth.
Nothing harder than the Gospel truth.”

The devs more or less kept their promises in that thread. We got 1 change in 8 days, and a promise of a larger change “sometime next year”. 25% of “sometime next year” is gone and we won’t know until post-3.4 whether this is on that radar.

The players involved suggested their beef was with the mechanics of Soulforge, not Pharos-Ra itself. They disappeared when we got 4 weeks of Pharos-Ra in 2 months. I’m calling it like I read it, and still have the thread on speed dial when, like in this thread, people remember the promised fix as how Soulforge works as opposed to the current fix.

The Thread was called “THE PHAROS RA SUPPORT GROUP” !?
Of course it was about Pharos Ra. I was very clear about it. To quote David Alan Greere from In Living Color: “I wrote a song about it want to hear it? Here it go!”

Now did the conversation in the thread blossom to encompass more than JUST my desire to get a RA in the forge? Yes, it did. And again for that I am PROUD of the thread. I do not understand your need to misrepresent a good thing. :confused:


It was a good thread and it showed if we put pressure on the devs, things happen. That much can and needs to be said. I’m glad you made it because without it even the day 8 change wouldn’t have been made.

It was the only thread about Soulforge with any traction, thus the best place to continue to keep making it clear players care about Soulforge. I was very frustrated when P-R was forced into the forge because it had the effect of dramatically reducing participation in the thread. As a result, no one’s really talking about “Hey, Soulforge still doesn’t really work that way.”

This is a frustrating problem for people who don’t have all of the troops, because the people who do tend to get more attention when they care about an issue. It is a persistent thing that will affect all new players and get worse as the game goes on and more legendaries/mythics are introduced. But an endgamer who has all the staples is likely to never need Soulforge again.

I didn’t mean to personally offend you, and I do note you expressed condolences that I didn’t get my Pharos-Ra as you exited the thread. But in that thread I was desperately asking people to try and keep the fire burning. I didn’t want to see yet another instance of “got mine, screw you”, like the Dawnbringer thread.

But it’s what I got, and it hurt my feelings.

I abandoned Soulforge as an issue because if I spend all my time pushing threads about game issues I care about to the top, I end up very unhappy with the game. I still hate Dawnbringer in Arena even though I’m 20% of the way to crafting one. I still wish Soulforge worked as Nimhain explained, even though I have a Pharos-Ra. I still need mythics, dammit, and I don’t like knowing the one I want may never come. If someone posts a thread, I point out the places where we’ve spent the most time discussing them.

But let’s face it: we’re both reasonably certain that promised Soulforge change is never happening. There are so many things like that.


Thank you for this well thought and worded reply. This is the @Slypenslyde I remember! :wink:

I had no voice, or traction, or pull, or whatever word you want to throw at it when I first joined. It’s from being a constant contributor that my relationship with the devs developed and what “little” attention I get grew.

I honestly think you SHOULD keep pushing the topics you care about! I know it can be frustrating and can cause you to reach that point of “burn out”, hell I very nearly left myself. Start those threads, have those conversations and always be respectful about it. You’ll garner support and change will come. Sometimes not in the way we expect… see Gnome nerf, and any number of other “changes” done for “our benefit”.

Long story short, we are good. Don’t give up the good fight and feel free to ping me and others you think might bring attention to topics you care about so we can join you. We are stronger together, always!


Thank you all very much for your suggestions! I hope Glitterclaw shows up to be made in the forge sometime. That sounds like it’d be my best bet at this point.

Last week I just got one Glitterclaw in a Glory chest. So it’s possible.

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