Gizmo would like to flex

Gizmo has a tale of a young Mogwai and his epic journey.

Gizmo was just a peon as Gizmo started gems of war and knew very little but now Gizmo has learnt much. Gizmo power leveled in kingdoms doing explore with
Soul teams trying to become uber or super Duper uber even!!!. Gizmo then decided maybe if Gizmo pvped a bit Gizmo could get candies err trophies to be more useful to Gizmo’s guild. Gizmo spent countless hours strategizing, building teams, learning from Gizmo’s mistakes, talking to people in chat, Gizmo enjoyed this. Gizmo collected many multi colored jelly beans err trait stones to empower Gizmos Mogwai army. Gizmo was then given a unique opportunity to advance Gizmo’s guilds Mogwai awareness err reputation by going to war in guild wars. Gizmo decided to join this event and it reminded Gizmo of whack a mole (google it). Gizmo decided to prepare for this war by strategizing, discussing victory paths, practicing and eating at 11:59 pm to test Gizmo’s endurance and willpower. Gizmo was now prepared for this war even if Gizmo is passive Gizmo would protect Gizmo’s guild in the oncoming wave of brutal wars intended on destruction knowing well that Gizmo would get boo boo’s err losses along the way. Gizmo went in to battle today and fought a death knight hero team in game one and fought a epic battle where Gizmo was able to stun the enemy hero with 3 health left almost triggering its boom boom whack a mole jump shot but evaded it and won the match. Hip Hip Hooray. Gizmo now confident that the world favored this Mogwai on this day went into battle number two. Gizmo noticed that again Gizmo was playing against a Death knight hero team and again fought with bravery to win but this time was able to stun hero much faster with less stress. /flex… Gizmo now extremely confident decided to fight battles 3 and 4 and noticed Death knight hero and the ooey gooey Forest kerb pop and drop teams and decided to fight Gizmo’s heart out, there were losses, there was tears and Gizmo thinks Gizmo may have lost a gumdrop at some point from Gizmo’s pocket during battle but Gizmo may have eaten it. Gizmo cheers at Gizmo’s own uber doober whack a mole skills. Gizmo is now ready for the Paragon battle, The leader of the enemy empire, the last line of defense for this war and Gizmo shall put an end to this war with one last battle. Gizmo is ready, Gizmo does his pre game warm up check list. Caffeine Check, internet speed
ok check, Restart game pre game Check, Correct team selected Check, More caffeine Check. Gizmo is ready.

Gizmo enters the game vs a Death knight hero and game starts with a 4 skull match so Gizmo thinks what could possible go wrong and hits the enemy with all Gizmo’s might. Gizmo gets a cascade Woot err Noooo. Gizmo sees another Skull match then a purple match which now concerns Gizmo and the concerns were warranted as a split second later the cascade continued and a third skull hit on turn one killed the enemy hero triggering the Boom Boom I got you function built into the game and crushing Gizmo’s spirit but Gizmo was determined to fight on. Next turn Gizmo lost no troops but was able to make a 3 yellow match filling a Mogwai army members mana ready to go forth and cause havoc on turn 3. Turn 3 did come but on this fateful day turn 3 was a bad omen as 3 of Gizmo’s troops were killed by the now dead Death knight hero from turn 1. Gizmo failed to win, Gizmo let his guard down, Gizmo still does not know where the lost gumdrop went but may have eaten it. Gizmo failed to flex, Gizmo lost at math, Gizmo cried dry tears ( water no good for Mogwai). Gizmo came to forums to vent


Very nice summary of what makes people hate GW. The same defense and the fact that even LUCKY rng can turn bad… this is the problem with trying to make GoW “hardcore” with Guild Wars… too many RNG makes it more like a casino than a war room. I left a top 5-ranking GW guild because the battles were too much grief for a game that is supposed to be casual.

Either GW has to be limited to once a quarter as a special event or they need to remove all RNG from the game in GW because I’d rather win with skill than luck… but it seems that luck tends to get my win against a wall of grief like Gizmo fought.


i think he says gizmo more times than the movie beerfest says beerfest


My spell checker says Gizmo used “gizmo” in his post 62 times.


@Gizmo have you considered entering this epic tale in the custom ps4 contest? I would love to see this as an entry😎


Gizmo should submit his epic story into the tournament to promote Mogwai awareness and increase world’s average health value
two good deeds in one go

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So the board would always contain the same gems, ordered the same way, with the player choosing which gems will drop in? That’s an interesting approach, I’m afraid it won’t work out though, we’d just end up with a guide listing the sequence of moves that always beats a given team.

I’d argue that an essential part of skill is controlling luck, knowing how risky a move is, when to make it and when to better avoid it. You won’t (and shouldn’t) always win, still your “bad luck” moments tend to significantly decrease as you get better at judging the board state.


Chess and Go are excellent examples of how a game of skill can become extremely complex without a RNG.

I’m simply saying that if you look at the world as a whole, you don’t see olympic-level world class competitions around things like roulette or slot machines because there is no real ability to master the amount of randomness. You DO see competitions around Go, Chess, and even Poker, which has some RNG in it with shuffling but also has HUMAN INTERACTION that allows people to skillfully lie about the cards they have to make up for randomness.

I’m not saying that RNG should be removed from Gems of War, I’m saying that doing 5 battles a day that REALLY matter but are based on random things means that you can have the highest level of skill in the world but you can’t win against a board stacked to not give you mana while the opponent not only gets multiple cascades but manages to fill their ‘random’ spells that happen to devour you on the first shot.

The point isn’t that they have to ditch the RNG to make GW fair, they have to rethink what GW is actually DOING to the game. So no, please don’t ditch the RNG, it makes GoW what it is. Ditch GW, because it made GoW something that it should NEVER be - a game of chance attempting to do something that only a game of skill should be doing!!!

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The only thing i would say about GW rng is this, we are what 8 weeks into GW now? I have fought every battle thus far and i have lost 5 times. Thats out of 210 or so battles. So winning 205 out of 210 is a pretty damn good win rate imo

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Haha, but I thought we already established that you’re not competing to be in the top 5 every week. Its easy to get a high win rate when you’re not in the top brackets. Now that I’m in a much lower ranked guild, the GW is a breeze because I’m fighting opponents that probably don’t even have mythics and are fielding teams that are 7-8k.

If you manage 205/210 wins while fighting against the likes of Intrim, Anonymous and Strategem, then my hats off to you, you are both skilled and very lucky. Even Tacet, who plays a lot smarter than I do, has lost more than 5 in the past weeks.

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I sure that the battles in the top 2 or 3 brackets are harder but i see either famine death teams or FGE teams 3 or 4 fights per day minimum and sometimes all 5. We are in bracket 7

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I’d love to see how you handle being in Dragon’s Peak or similar for a few weeks, honestly. The difference is that every team you fight will have a team score of 9600+ and be either all or mostly mythic. There is no incentive to put anything easy out for defense at the top so you see Psion/3xfamine or combos similar with Death Knight and Death. If its not that, you get 2xKerb with Forest Guardian and Giant Spider. Those teams are all dependent on you winning by both being lucky with the initial board layout and continuing to be lucky in that the board continues to support you and not them, because in any of these teams a lucky cascade for the opponent usually means that you’re gonna lose a troop or get under a mana drain that remains impossible to get out from under unless you get a lucky cascade.

That’s not including the kerb or kraken devour chances seem more like 75%.

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