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Give me my defense bonus points back!

One our before daily reset I set up defense teams… (which of course were reset to default)
I didn’t exit the game. I played.
Daily reset happened… and defense teams are at default again.
I lost my bonus points. I want them back! How do I get them?
Happened on mobile…

Why cant’t you repair this bug for such a long time!!!

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So? I’m still missing 2k points.
This is blocker priority bug on major game mechanic. It should be fixed and released asap. If they have a fix and don’t release it - it makes them look even worse.

Sadly you’re not going to get your 2k points even with a support ticket as they can’t/won’t alter the outcomes of GW battles (unless something has changed).

And if you’d finished reading the rest of Cyrup’s explanation in that thread you’d already have your answer why it hasn’t been and can’t be released asap.

I read the post, but still it is bulls*** explanation for me. They are not telling the whole truth or their production process is so messed up that they can not release fix for such a bug. In both cases it is just pitiful.

Well if a dev communicating a clear, definitive answer to an issue is still bull**** in your eyes then there’s no satisfying you. I get it - the bug sucks but many of us have had to deal with it as well so you’re no alone. If you can’t find solace in knowing there’s an end in sight for it that’s on you and there’s nothing else I can do.


the bug sucks but many of us have had to deal with it as well so you’re no alone.

But that is the real problem, that is not a bug for a few. It’s a bug for mostly all, and it is somewhere between annyoing and gamebreaking. So, the guild wars is some part of endgame for many player and this feature is part of it.
Not fixing it, even with a solution in backhand is just a “f* you” in the faces of the community.

I’m aware, that they’ll give an ETA on it, but even this is just a “hope”. And nearly two months after discovering the bug…

Sorry, but I don’t understand, why you defend this descission.

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It is, because at current situation it is highly unprofessional, and this kind of answer basically means they don’t really care about players problems. They released huge bug (what happened to testing? I guess their internal testers either don’t exist or they are not very good) and they wait so many weeks to fix it…
They could even reproduce it by themselves? Remember special topic, where players were supposed to bug scenario?

Either way - still waiting for reply from some member of dev team. I want my points back.

I’m truly sorry you don’t feel we care about you! Far from it. I would like to consider that Gems of War has some of the most active developer/player community out there.

Yes, it’s obstructing a key gameplay mechanic. So why would we leave it in if we’re aware of it? We are here to help you play our game, if it it was something we could truly resolve ASAP we would have done so. I’m not authorised to give you a specific timeframe of the next update’s release, but as mentioned, it’s before Christmas (which is not too far away, especially if you consider we would like to have it out before Christmas day :wink: ).

Again, we’re physically unable to release a client update with a fix for this right now for various reasons beyond our control. I’m also new to the team so I’m not 100% aware of how much I can and cannot say to you. If I am being vague, that is why.

Thanks for your understanding!