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Ghost in a Shell

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/ghost-in-a-shell/
Celebrate the 200th troop!

New Troop: Morthani's Will

The name of Morthani, the Goddess of Death, is seldom spoken by the mortal races of Krystara, except in hushed whispers. It is believed that to catch her attention is to invite death into your home, and Morthani is a house-guest who never leaves with her appetite unsatisfied.

But what of those who CHEAT death? Brave warriors who survive one too many battles, or fools too stupid to know their time is up? Morthani has a plan for those who defy her; she can manifest a spirit in the world, known as Morthani’s Will - it is said to inhabit any empty suit of armor it finds, and will not stop until it has claimed the soul of its intended victim, to be sent to the deepest halls of Morthani’s dark fortress.

The message from Morthani is clear. Submit to her law, or face eternal suffering.

New Troop: Wraith

Wraiths are mindless, soulless creatures left behind after a Vampire has claimed a victim. The roads and fields of Ghulvania are full of these creatures; if the Vampires don’t make it dangerous to travel at night, the Wraiths certainly do!

Balance Changes

It’s time for a kingdom rework, and keeping with this week’s theme, it’s Ghulvania! There’s buffs from the Zombie right up to the Crimson Bat (who received a nerf about 12 months ago based on a bug in the game with Life Steal - the bug got fixed a long time ago, but poor Mr. Bat never received a corresponding buff).


  • Spell has been reworked. Now removes all skulls and gains life, boosted by skulls removed.
  • Spell no longer heals or increases random skill.
  • Mana cost increased from 7 to 8


  • Spell has been reworked. Now deals damage to the first enemy, boosted by Magic. Reduce all Skills of the enemy by 2 and destroys a flat number of Gems.
  • No longer gains Attack
  • Mana cost increased from 4 to 8
  • Traits have been changed from Stone Link, Cursed and Human Slayer to Human Slayer, Stone Link and Life Drain.

Vampire Lord

  • Mana cost reduce from 13 to 11
  • Boost ratio increased from 3:1 to 2:1
  • Mana colors change from Red/ Yellow to Purple/ Brown

Flesh Golem

  • Spell has been reworked. Still gains life boosted by magic, but now explodes a row and reduces all enemies’ Magic by 1.
  • No longer entangles the first enemy
  • No longer jumbles the board

Grave Knight

  • Base spell damage increased from 2 to 4


  • Base spell damage increased from 2 to 4

Crimson Bat

  • Spell now gives 16 Life instead of 8 Life


  • Trait buff: Aspect of War’s Attack gain increased from 1 to 2.
  • Mana Cost reduced from 30 to 28
Troop Refund The following troops are available for refund this week: * Ghoul * Vampire Lord * Flesh Golem
Chest Changes The following troops are have been added to chests: * Summer Imp * Sacrifical Priest * Marilith * Naga Queen * Nobend Brother * Yeti

The following troops have left chests:

  • Winter Imp (we FINALLY got him… for REAL this time!)
  • Spring Imp

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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So does that mean we have a common as an event troop that can be gotten from glory? (Guess is 100 glory with 1 arcane … Um stoic for blue/blue?)

And while I like the life drain, Bat was my heavy PvP hitter… Now he’s lost a little damage…

I doubt many will see the bat’s changes as a buff, since it will lose quite a bit of damage from the change. A refund might also be in order here.




Nothing to Maw?? :disappointed:


I already fight true damage teams, here is hoping they do not become more prevalent. Also that ghoul buff though. Say hello to my little summoner.

Let’s see. My bat has 10 magic and is doing 11 damage to all. Assuming the life gain is 1:1, I’m going from 11 damage, 8 life gain to 6 damage, 24 life gain.

So those PvP fights that took 3 castings to win now need 5-6…


Man, I love my Crimson Bat team. This is going to be rough.

Also, overload of troops to trait this week. Mab and Winter Imp definitely. Psion. Then… Shadow Hunter? Winter Wolf? I’m almost glad I don’t have an Abhorath. Like, not QUITE glad. But almost.

Plus the new troops look fun to play with.

You rework Ghulvania, yet Avina still only gives 1 soul? :frowning:


Copy this question.

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Where is my Steam achievement for collecting 200 troops??

With this many troops being reworked i wonder how @Lyya feels. Also i was hoping all the troop reworks would happen when 2.0 launched but i am glad they didn’t know cause this is awesome. Also nice reference to the ghost in the shell anime.

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It will take me like 10 minutes out of my event video just to explain all the changes. xD


I can not wait till your video happens.

I’m pretty excited about the new epic troop! It’s a maw stopper right there!

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The rework spits in the face of maw but sadly would have been nice to have another empowered troop that covers a few more color combos.

I wonder if the true damage on Morthani’s Will scales with magic.

A step in the right direction, now it at least does something maybe noticable. And puts it from ‘forget it’ to ‘well, if TS were falling from sky’ category.

Now next needed step is to reduce the TS cost to something reasonable. As the ability is still nediocre compared to legendaries it should not cost considerably more, maybe total 20 arcanes would make sense (compared to 16 of legendaries).

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hmmm interesting changes. kinda surprised one of the kingdom’s with 2 commons got a third…

am I the only that saw the wraith and thought Smoke from MK?

I’m going to throw out a wild argument that maybe crimson bat becomes a frontline troop…? His third trait is certainly geared that way.