Getting sick of this meta


You are the only one I know of that is using Naga sometimes as it stands. That was why I asked you the question too. For me it seems like they need a major buff or something to have a chance to compete with the Divines. Thats what this discussion was all about. What buffs would be necessary for us to manage to get a 90%+ win rate in 3 trophies Ranked PvP versus the Divine meta by using a pure Naga team?


TBH I saw the title and though it was about the four bombs as that is what I mainly see. :rofl:

Anyways, for the naga to compete they require some sort of instant kill or Fear mechanics added in. They already have the former in the Assassin class and Class Weapon, just need to have that farmed out amongst the troops a bit more.

Maybe giving all Naga troops a % chance to instant kill or Fear if the opponent is poisoned as part of their spells. Individual troops can have different percentages. This would synergise very well with Euryali.


Wouldnt it be a little unrelieable and high risk? It wouldnt be able to get a 90% win rate against Divines then, or? I like the idea tho.

What about a buff to true damage in general? Or having some unique Naga traits that says: deals 25% more true damage to poisoned enemies.


Some of that may work but it would only affect one troop, Euryali, not the race as a whole.

Note: Maraliths TD doesn’t scale with magic so not sure if she would be affected by your changes?


But they could fix her so she scale with magic or something. I just feel they need a major buff to have a chance, or for people wants to use them in PvP 3 trophies.



This time i won’t even mention Wild Plains or the Gnolls. :wink:


Imagine if Gnolls reached the meta…

@Razzagor 2034 will be the year!


Why do my GIF disappear?


But seriously, a lot of troops lately have been really underwhelming, there were some good too: Tigraki Warrior as a Bounty Hunter and being a Rare is amazing.

It’s not spetacular as in, stealing all attack from enemies or trying to devour all troops but himself… You know, the kind of stuff the devs usually try to use on Mythics… But still a really decent troop for it’s rarity, it’s simple and functional.


I blame @Ozball and his haunted Toaster until we get any proper explanation! (Maybe the forum auto-removes it if the gif is too big to load?)


Yeah, I find it a little strange because its not like we have gone total bananas with GIFs the latest weeks. But I dont read every thread, so maybe it’s a solid reason.


I wouldn’t say making more powerful teams is better because that has more cons than pros. Yes it means you’ll see more teams in pvp that can actually compete against eachother, but at the same time not only does it make the game even harder on new players because they have none of that, but it also puts the obselete troops in a deeper hole. So many troops at this point have been shoved into a corner and they’re covered in cobwebs and dust bunnies, but rather than balancing the game so that more troops remain viable and there aren’t troops who can cough cough wipe half your team in half a second, they just add more troops who are even more powerful, shifting the game in a way where you now essentially require these hardcore mythics to even stand a chance.


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This so much this, lets put some flavor to our poison.


Really? A forum that removes a post for saying the f word? Wow sorry didn’t realize this was customer reviews of toysRus, my mistake. Well hey maybe that’ll at least demonstrate how utterly frustrated I am with the consistency of this stupid meta, maybe just maybe you’ll at least take away the actual point from what I said instead of getting butt hurt the second you saw a bad word.


Kids are playing this game.


My kids play this game and like to read the forum over my shoulder.

It shouldn’t seem unusual or unfair that a web forum have some basic expectations around people being civil to each other.

Personally I’d hope that people writing here have the intellect to express themselves with a wider choice of words than simply swearing.


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The game is in a really good spot right now with way more variety of teams to face with the exception of the STUPID firebomb team showing up constantly.


I agree re variety. Disagree re the Firebombs, I’m always happy to see them: easy wins to do daily tasks with otherwise non-viable teams…