Getting matched against same opponents

There are more than 10k players in this game and lately game is pairing me against same set of enemies over and over again. It seems every now and then i get into some sort of loop. It really starts to get annoying and boring so i decided to get some footage.
I tend to play only ‘3trophies’ options but choosing ‘2trophies’ is not changing anything as the opponents i want to get out of my loop keep coming back. Some examples:

  1. Here i was playing nonstop, choosing only 3trophies games. Usually one game lasts ~3min so you can see that after Mich i was getting 3 same players all the time.

The video of this:
Facko, dmx, gizok, Facko, dmx, gizok…

  1. Is there only one guild in this game? Cause 3trophies matches suggests so…

HaHa, fguio, Boats, Verdugo - same guild

Graeme (he was also in the mix, but not as often, other guild), again HaHa, Boats, Verdugo

Which players game chooses for me next? Guess…


This was brought up before by some of us and nothing was said about it. The people you fought are the most active(Santa’s)players and you’ll see us available as opponents a LOT.

Once you haven’t played pvp for 2 hours you drop out of the active players pool.

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It’s understandable that you guys are available as the opponents a lot since you’re the most active guild. But SBG is 30 players, not 5. And it’s not like SBG dominates top 30 spots of the leaderboard.
I just think that devs need to look at the matching algorithm.


It’s just my understanding, correct me if I’m wrong. Thing with PvP matchmaking is you’ll be paired with the most actives players during that hours. Sure there are more than 10k+ players in Gems of War but how many are actives that hour? Then narrow it again to how many of those actives are playing PvP? Then how many of those who are playing PvP are in the same bracket as you (team score)?
I play on steam. Average amount of players in-game on steam are 1317. Looking from the screenshot I assume you’re high end player and according to this chart the percentage of top tier active player are very small. Also only around half a percent of our daily players are in the those very top guilds which I assume is in your bracket (team score wise). So yeah you’ll see same opponents a lot, probably you’ll only see around 20 opponents in PvP during that hours.
I’d also like to hear from devs about how’s the matchmaking actually works.


As a lvl 116 player now… i still see the same people and the same bullsh-t teams.

4 weeks into the game and I’m already just grinding out pvp on Mondays to get to tier 1 and my guild seals and not toiching it for the rest of the week.

Also… this isn’t even really pvp. It’s bullsh-t AI giving itself free turns using someone’s got lucky draft troops.

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I think with 3 trophies are only the strongest players and constant. Ten before were part of my guild and I can assure you they are very strong. Personally I do not find so tedious and constant their presence

I get the same people over and over too. We often have around 6 players in the top 100, occasionally the odd one in the top ten but I think this is a problem. Even the top ‘players’ are usually beaten pretty easily by the team I’m using, but if it was two real people playing together I’m sure it would be different. Real live pvp is a hot potato and has been discussed at length already around the forum. Imagine sitting there for anything from 2 to possibly 10 minutes or more without getting a single turn? It can and will happen with live players and does already against the AI.
It might not sit right with some, but refreshing with 1 gem can shake things up a bit and might be worth a try.
The top guilds have regular players in the top ten and i’ve started now to just get the 1900 pvp points and go do my daily tasks and explores instead because I too have started to find it tedious with little skill involved.

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I think leaderboard is a pretty accurate source to see who’s an active and high end player as to be there on the top you need to play almost non stop.

I’m level ~450 and in the top guild. See a lot of players with a similar level on top of the leaderboard but i’m never getting them as a 3trophies match. Game prefers to give me someone from SBG. Example from this moment as i’m playing right now - latest 3trophies matches: Phr33k (place 16k on the leaderboard), fguio (place 2 on the leaderboard).

That’s discussion for another topic. :smiley:

Yeah i tried to shake things up by choosing 2trophies invades, but after 2 of such games i got fguio for 2trophies and Verdugo(? or someone else from SBG) for 3. LOL.

Who doesn’t like getting big gifts constantly? Some people…

I’d rather see more variety. Sick of seeing bone Dragon over and over again.

I’m also having issues with the same 3 people showing up in PVP.

I haven’t been PVP’ing as much lately. I ended last week with around 3500 points and was ranked around 17,000 on the leaderboard. Still, I see Eliane, Elephant and a few others multiple times every day. Doesn’t seem to matter when I play. With 17,000 players doing more PVP than me last week, you’d think I’d see greater variety, but it is what it is. They’ve never really explained how the matchmaking works, but I’m pretty sure that being in a top 5, top 10 guild attracts other players from those same guilds. Even with that, I see certain of those players much more than others. For instance, I hardly ever see Boats, Phreakpower or Alice, but there are a few other SBG’ers I see all the time. It’s weird, but I don’t really care.

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Yup. It’s beyond boring.

“Oh hey. It’s two of the same 6 people with Team Welfare (EK+Mab) again.”

Same thing happening +1

Outside of the same one or two teams getting cycled constantly, the other major cancer in this game is the Frozen status effect. There are not enough “good” troops to make an anti-frozen team with and once you are frozen, you might as well just retreat. Not because the match can’t be beaten but because it is so tedious.

Every second team has Mab on it so this is my biggest complaint about PVP right now.

Even if the devs made Mab’s effect a “20% chance” it would still end up freezing every one of my troops because of the insane luck the AI has. 4-match after 4-match. There have literally been games I’ve quit out of because the AI turn was taking forever due to endless matches.

If Mab is on their team, my entire team is usually frozen by the second turn.

Frozen just brings the whole game to a halt and is extremely unfun. It’s WAY too fucking powerful to be on ANY troops trait.

Lastly, with the insane power creep at the mid-to-end game, I don’t think status effects should last as long as they do. Certainly there should be the potential for them to go away before the average team can nuke you. These days almost all defense teams I come up against can completely destroy any team within 4 turns, usually less because of their insane 4-match luck. If you’re capable of coding it, status effects for defense teams of 5000 power or less can remain the same. Any team with a power level of 5000 or higher should see status effect removal buffed from 10% per turn to 20% or even higher.


Pretty much.

Check teams. Traited Mab. Skip.

I play on PC/Mobile so I can’t speak to the current meta on console but the frozen meta did take over PC/Mobile for quite awhile. At this point, however, there are plenty of counters (at least for mid and high level players, I haven’t been low level for awhile so I can’t speak to their experiences) now so I’d assume the same will happen on consoles. Looping teams are quite effective at making frozen powered teams useless.

But yeah, frozen is annoying but I don’t skip fights just to avoid her anymore.

Honestly I feel that looping teams are risky against a Mab team, in that they either retain control and do great, or else a single Frozen cast goes off on a key troop and they self-destruct. If you’re having trouble with Mab, you might consider making a team that does not rely on a ton of looping, and instead brute-forces with exploders and the like.


Well, it depends on the type of looping, really. You want to retain board control so I don’t recommend RNG style looping but rather troops that you can specifically target gem changes to sustain board control.

But yeah, I mostly just power through them myself these days.

Agreed. Frozen is a real risk to loop teams: even if you have a troop that can cleanse, you always have to give up your turn to cast and there is no guarantee that the AI doesn’t get another lucky 4-match on the next turn to refreeze you. Amira is the perfect counter to Mab. She doesn’t have insulated, but she does have Mana Shield, so Mab cannot hurt her, and a single cast of Amira should be enough to kill Mab outright.

I am seeing a ton of “blue” teams right now, with a combination of Mab, EK and Justice. I know I go ON AND ON about Amira, but she is perfect for dealing with these.