Getting Karakoth to 10 stars

Do I really need to craft Zuul’Goth?

Getting it to 10 9 stars right now, yes.

But if you’re not in a hurry, you can wait until next month for that jelly troop for late 10 9-star.

Getting 10-star is not available right now until Karakoth got 20 troops, and you got them all including Zuul’Goth

Edit : fixed the mistake of confusing 9 stars requirement for the 10 one.
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Number of troops is for 9 stars, 10 stars explicitly requires the kingdom mythic.


Oh no, I’m totally wrong! Somehow mixed up requirement for 9 and 10 stars. Fixed the post above.

You’re right, right now 10 stars for Karakoth is not possible for anyone who don’t have Zuul’Goth. 9 stars will be possible in August for those who don’t own Zuul’Goth yet (17/18 troops for 16 troops requirement), for those who do, they’ll have to wait until next Karakoth event come again for that 20 troops requirement.

Maybe before then, typical Karakoth Mythic will come, for normal 1-week event available in keys. I hope that’s what’s coming.

All said and done I have two different feelings.

One is that all kingdoms should be “equal difficulty” to get up to higher levels. This is an intuitive gamer want.

The other is noting, “The devs haven’t ever promised there is a plan to, near-term, let players max every kingdom to 20 stars.” We weren’t even able to get every kingdom to 10 stars in the old system before they expanded it.

I think both of these interact in a new way.

The difference now is the requirements are more complex. Used to rarity didn’t matter for troops: you had to have everything, level everything, and trait everything. So for a period, there would be some star in Karakoth that required Zuul’goth, but we’d laugh about it because we knew if any Karakoth troop released we’d get that star.

But now it specifically requires a mythic. The odds of a new Karakoth mythic releasing short-term are pretty slim. It doesn’t matter if they release 20 more Karakoth troops. We need a mythic.

My opinion is we need to adapt to this new system. Kingdoms very slowly meet new star requirements, even in the old system. Pretty much every kingdom is waiting on something short-term ridiculous like “two legendary weapons”. We aren’t getting them soon. This is one of those instances.

I actually kind of like it. It gives Zuul’goth more utility than its actual ability does.

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Zuul’Goth should be an Apocalypse troop like Xathenos.


Big difference between Zuul’Goth and Xathenos was the mentality of the game at the time. I chose to pay to get Xathenos crafted before anyone. With Zuul’Goth you HAVE to pay to get him currently.



A topic just for you !

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Lol. I think some of your guild mates will qualify soon enough