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Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more!

Sadly, you can fight them in actual battles. So, even if they suck, even if they break troop conventions, even if they aren’t wanted as troops; they are in fact, troops.


I know- thing is they are consumable and as such players gain and loose them and can have their count equal to 0, which might affect some statistics and other mechanism @Lyya is using on the website (visable on ladderboards expecially). That’s probably “reasoning” for “not including” them into gowdb troops list.
Same would be true for “heart of rage”, which is a crafting component, even if it can be used as a troop. But since Enraged Kurandara reciepie doesn’t consume it. It’s count can’t go below 1.

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Thanks for the explanation @Lyya.
On another note, the collection site is not working currently. Probably has to do with the new updates.

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Thanks, I’ve fixed the site – should be working again.



Hey, Lyya!

Thanks for keeping gowdb going!

I’ve been using the API and noticed that the ‘troop role’ property seems to be missing from the JSON dumps, any chance you could add that?


Hey sls,

Yes, I can add this – should be able to get to this next week for you.



Thank you very much!

@Lyya Would it be possible to alter the troop role filter to allow for multiple selections (so that we can match whatever the event parameters happen to be)?

I already figured out I can filter multiple colors like using (wind|water) but have not found a way to do so for troop roles. Thanks!

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Hi @Lyya, I get 500 server error, when going to my collection page on [http://gowdb.com/]. Possibly others do too, I thought you should know.

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yes, same here

Sorry everyone, it’s been fixed.

Could you please:

  1. fix banners and shields for factions (I see now only stubs for “Amanithrax”, “City of Thieves”, “Dark Pits” and others);
  2. add link to faction weapon within faction;
  3. fix factions’ pets: for example, Eye Pod ( http://gowdb.com/pets/13102 ) text must be “Team Bonus (All-Seeing Eye)”.
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