Gems of War Competition (Win a Custom PS4!)

so june 16th midnight pst converted to est is 3am for me so i have until then correct? like roughly 5 and a half hours? ive been making something but its taking longer than i thought :frowning:

It’s only June 15 today, so I would assume the contest closes at midnight tomorrow (like 29 hours from now). Making the deadline at midnight is inherently confusing, though. In the absence of any official confirmation, better to get it done today if you can.

@Saltypatra I’ve reuploaded the images because I had to edit them. Is this okay? Which versions are going to the contest, the old ones, or the updated ones?

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thats what i always get confused with deadlines like this. thanks. :slight_smile:

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The date changes when it rolls from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am (midnight), so in 8 hours.

That’s why they should never use midnight as a deadline. Use 11:59 PM instead. Unless you’re a fairy godmother, then by all means, use midnight.


this needs to dry soon so i can paint it :disappointed_relieved:

5 and a half hours left to enter!


Hi there this is my daughter and I’s submission to the contest. I loved Ravens quest line the most so we came up with “The Truth About Raven”. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for this contest and the chance to win that awesome ps4. It was was a fun experience.:grin:

<img src="//" width="662" height="500">

I think I figured it out? This is what I came up with for the show us something competition! It’s a visual representation of my gems of war team riding off to battle. I’m not sure what all information I need to submit with this

Upload didnt work brudda

Maybe I got it this time?


Yup you got it😎

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Thanks! Hope it goes well

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Story is complete!
Here are chapter 6 and 7 of my entry!

Ch 6: Broken Arrow
Ch 7: Srrathi’s Call


Im finally done :smile: I made a dryad mask out of paper mache etc.


I really like your drawing :blush: gj!

You should put the mask and ask someone to take a picture

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Seconded. Please do.


I wanted to, but everyones asleep here :joy: . and i sadly couldnt take a picture by myself while wearing it, though if i figure it out i will. :slight_smile: lol