Gems of War Competition (Win a Custom PS4!)

That’s what she said.


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Это прекрасно :sweat_smile:

The way I wish Bonnie Rose would look.
I have spent SO much time on this… @Saltypatra have I made the deadline?

Edited: noticed a small fail, had to fix it real quick. Reuploaded the image.
Edited: now uncropped. Have I got it on ime??


I’m sleep.

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Let me be the first to say: What the hell is going on in those pictures?


For PS4 contest rogue robs pheasant

For PS4 contest rogue

Lol i wish you good luck


That looks like the world’s most dangerous basement.

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For PS4 contestwww pheasant

PS4 contest knight

PS4 contest knight and rogue

PS4 contest warlord

PS4 contest warlord and rogue

PS4 contestwww knight vs rogue

PS4 contest

What on earth? Maybe you’ve got the wrong contest mate?

Yo he had 10 min left give him a chance :slight_smile:

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