Gems of War Competition (Win a Custom PS4!)

Chapter 3 is ready.

This chapter is about Adam resolving his own inner conflicts. He’ll also be picking up more minions other than ogres!

I have also started a separate thread where I can keep all the chapters together here:


Yay fan art card mock up
<3 gems of war


Well, Let me try. GoW fake Mythic.

And some wip shots.


There’s a typo, it should be
"… 10 damage to the enemy for each skull on the board." Without the “the”

And on another note, nice art!

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Oh, brazilians aren’t elegible for any prizes… Why? You don’t like us? =(

That’s awesome!

Already put this on the facebook page, but felt like it needed to be shared here also. Decided to make a meme for the competition just for fun.
Edit: Just wanted to update this and also maybe start a discussion on why Lava Elemental is just the way he is.


i didnt really have much time so for now i submit my quest line:

and im submitting my card fanart this time with proper graphic that i draw myself:

Flavor text: If you hear a deep croak don’t think of a toad soup served for less then a dozen

Inhabitating the wildest marshes Roaklash likes to hunt alone. Usually asleep and indifferent to the surrounding they instantly go into a battle frenzy once spotted a combat activity. Once devoured a victim their hunger can be satisfied for even few months however they do not back off from any battle they already got in.
Extremely teritorial and never hunts on a territory of another Roaklash unless they fight to the death. Hunts like lizards. Breeds like toads. Can stay underwater for 2 hours.


Chapter 4: “Luther Must Die” is ready.
You can find the latest update in the thread below.


Nice fight scene!
All hail Luther!

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Capitan Skullbeard’s Parrot didn’t get it’s own card that should change :slight_smile:


Hello all!

First, I have to say how much fun I have with Gems of War. It’s really changed, with improvements all the time and just keeps getting better! It’s a game that’s always in just as much of a hurry as I am, whether I am in a hurry or not. :wink:

This is a musical piece I wrote called “Ode to Gems of War.” It started out almost as a lark between myself and a fellow Guild member but took on a life of its own when I realized what was developing was more than just a playful exercise. The final result, a short piece that tries to envision game play in three elements: First the shuffle of troops as you plot before battle. Second, the battle begins and the enemy is engaged. Finally, the sweet rush of victory and the joy of reward.

Like I said, your game has been good to me. I wrote this months ago, never dreaming it might find itself useful beyond Guild camaraderie. Hopefully, you have as much fun listening as I did making it! Good luck to all the contestants. With a community this awesome, there’s bound to be tons of amazing entries!


Kelly :musical_keyboard:

[EDIT: This is original music composed in a DAW using virtual instruments (VST’S). I did not use any pre-recorded loops or samples.]

Ode to Gems of War


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i like it more then the current main-screen musinc! :scream::yum:

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@DrPhoenixJ absolutely beautiful! I particularly liked the chimes😁


Chapter 5 is ready here!

When’s the deadline exactly? I hope I hope I have time to finish the final chapter!



Nice work!
I think I almost cry a lil at the Lividus scene. :cry:

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This is yOkO at
Invite Code: HYBRID_G4BQ
Hero Level 1060

Thank you so much and good luck everyone!!!


##Gems of War: The (Unofficial) Card Game!