[Gems of War Code Giveaway] twitch.tv/ihuy Streaming Tonight at 10pm PST

Update 5.27.19:

It’s been super fun! Thank you to all who’ve came by to say hi and helped out :slight_smile:
To know when I’m live + notifications + chat:
Discord: #WeCarryHuy

Old Post 5.16.19:


I’m a relatively new player to this game (started about 3.5 weeks ago) and I’m absolutely hooked.

In 2007, I played Puzzle Quest when it was released on the Nintendo DS and was pleasantly surprised at how fun and addicting it was. That was probably one of my most played game on that console. More than a decade later, I was just swiping through the iOS store and saw an app that looked oddly familiar, downloaded it, and now I’m here. . .

We’re about to hit level 1000 tonight! It has been an exciting journey so far and looking forward to more good times ahead. Thank you so much for the nice people who’ve been super supportive and helpful so far. We’re a small/niche community but are a great and welcoming bunch. Special thanks to @Saltypatra for the codes to give away. I know it’s not much for veterans of the game, but it’s small token of appreciation. :slight_smile:

So yup! It’ll be a bit of a celebration/milestone tonight hitting Lv1000 and marking approximately my first month of playing the game. Come by for some codes (stream) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Any tips/help is also greatly appreciated as I’m still quite noob at the game ><! Thank you~

TLDR: Hi, I’m streaming this game at twitch.tv/ihuy at 10pm PST. Come for some codes :slight_smile: Thanks!


Go watch @Huy! He is lovely!

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That was super fun last night! Thank you to those who stopped by and said hi. :wave: Lv1000+ achieved! Now, that I’ve completed the tutorial, time to “start” playing forreals >:). I’m planning to stream again at 10pm PST tonight! Pretty hyped for the new Delve Faction. Hopefully, I’m prepared ><. . .

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So you been playing for less then a month and already at lv 1000. Sorry im not buying it.

It’s been 22 days since I made that post + 5 days before first starting. Don’t know what else to tell ya >_< . . . other than that I love the game and have been playing lots~

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Going Live! Weekend Woot :slight_smile: Twitch

Sorry, I’m Russian. Just LMAO.

>< Yes I know what it means in Russian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Vietnamese though)

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Definitely check him out, you won’t regret it :wink:

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