💖 New Player Looking for a Nice, Helpful Guild to Complete Weekly Tasks!


I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this game before since I’m a huge fan of PuzzleQuest all the way back in 2007 on the Nintendo DS! I randomly stumbled upon this game on the iOS app store and the screenshots immediately brought back so much nostalgia from over a decade ago :smiley: That called for an quick download and lo and behold, I am completely hooked :sweat_smile:

It’s been a few (5) days since I’ve started and I’m currently having a blast learning about the new mechanics and resource systems in the game. One of the things I see repeated a lot as a tip is to join a dedicated guild, as it would help generate a lot of resources each week (+ more fun). I’m currently Level 170+ making progress through the Kingdoms to level them up to gain stats/income while dabbling with other things like PvP and etc, to get more rewards.

So on that note, I’d like to get some help to get a strong start and fully immerse myself in the game. I’m active on Discord and would be more than happy to chat via messages or voice for guidance or general information. It would be greatly appreciated! My discord ID is Huy#0557 and my invite code is HUY_2JJA.

TLDR: New player, Lv.170+ looking for a helpful guild to complete weekly tasks and aid with general game progress. Discord ID: Huy#0557. Invite Code: HUY_2JJA. Thank you!

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Hi Huy,

I see you have joined our Hoguns Discord. We can talk more there but wanted to make sure I said “hi” here too. :slight_smile: Enjoy this game, its a lot of fun moving through the levels. :wink: