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Gems Of War Art Stuff (Mercy/SoothSayer minor repaint and loading screen example)

Just something I had done for fun months ago. I did revisit it the other night and repainted Mercy a bit more than before. Though now the SoothSayer looks out of place without having a similar repaint, but still showing it. Might go back one day and do the SoothSayer or not, who knows. As far as Mercy I did a repaint for her but largely didn’t touch the wings too much. When doing the repaint I tried to keep to the original work. This is not simply adjustment layers. Used paintbrush, mixer brush and others to achieve the end result. More could be done (and probably should be done) but its finished as far as I am concerned for a for fun showing (so guess not a complete repaint :stuck_out_tongue:)

Added Photoshop file (the layers are messy) : http://www.filedropper.com/gemsofwarshcomm -The old Mercy is labeled ‘Mercy original’ at the top of the layer list. Click it on/off to see the changes.-

It is a minor repaint (meaning could use more work but I don’t spend great time on for fun/free work). I also try to keep often times close to the original work. Otherwise its not a ‘repaint’ but a variant. The original used harsher shadows/lighting I smoothed and softened that out especially. I also changed the shadows/lighting lightly across the chest and midsection given the angle of the light source. And added a bit of that same difference to the hand holding the staff. Of course not the only things done and one can view the Photoshop file to see the rest.

A key thing to remember about repaints when doing them. While you can change some things (usually minor fixes), largely the work remains close to the original. IE if you repaint a family photo. You do not suddenly make your grandmother a gothic biker. You adjust the shadows/lights, fix some flaws seen in the capture, etc.

P.S. I do tend to merge some layers and did in the Mercy paint folder. Though largely its heavily broken apart, which I usually merge as well once I am okay with it. I left it unmerged.

Here is the original Mercy :

Here is Mercy with the repaint :

Here is the older for fun work I did months ago. Now with a out of place Mercy repaint. :

Zoom in of repaint :

Zoom in of original :


This is very cool. Looks great!

It does look good, I love the brightness and colours of them.

Can you do the ui please?


@Nephilim Usually do not do UI’s, but I can try and see what I can make. Not an excuse. Just most things I do for fun are quick and short. A good UI takes planning and time. If you want to bug me and plan something together I would never mind. Though, for me that would involve either talking here or on Second Life. As I work on Second Life a lot developing 3D assets, clothing, textures, etc. My name is ‘SweetDiantha Resident’ if you have an account. If not, can just message me here. Just not always on the community to see. So if you message me here I might reply right away. Or it might take up to a week.

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I just wondered what people in the user interface field thought of the garbage they bestowed upon us and I’d be delighted to see what any experts on the forum could come up with.
Me? I’m just bitter and upset.


@Nephilim Well I’m a dental assistant -heh- Just can not stop doing art or other. I’ll probably always be doing something. And die with a brush in my hand probably too, and not a toothbrush.

I do not want to sound overly negative. Though I really feel they could have put more effort into the design. Which was clearly a hatchet job. Yet I read they actually planned it. I can’t seem to buy that story. I personally feel they wanted something new. And did not exactly want to wait for it. So they rushed it. Not only that but there are mixes of the old UI all over the place included in the new UI. Usually when companies change over UI’s … EVERYTHING gets updated. Chest screen and others still have the old look. And also if they wanted to do a more minimalistic UI with points to a different visual element. That would also mean updating the map and kingdom icons to match it.


@NekrosLucem any chance you could re-do the UI graphics in the format that steam uses, so they could be just copy-pasted into the steam files?

(just like some ppl changed their gem graphics into custom)
example below, not sure how they done that but the rest of the ui should be possible to remake too!

btw, the extra turn image there should be remade to “Extra Tacet!”