Gems of War 2022 Roadmap

Thanks. Great to know it’s being worked on.

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Haha! Don’t take it seriously @Missy. Not until it has been fixed.

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Is that a German shepherd in October?
A cake pet in November nice perfect for players whos birthday is in November like mine.

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Those pets already exists in game. They were released in cosmetic events.
Might be back on special rescues some day.

Maybe, but these specials rescues are out of stock as it seems. The last one was seven months ago.


Dragons Path update coming today - I OS App Store shows half an hour until update available - fingers crossed for some good stuff!!


Expect it in the following conditions:

Redesigned feature
Time-gated content
Monetized options

Think that covers most Gems of War updates as of late


You forgot pathetically low random chance to get something


Update??? Yay! Will it be on kindle too?

Patch is live. (PlayStation)

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Update is delayed on kindle

So, looking at the backgrounds in the Campaign, Broken Spires is next week. Anyone think we’ll get Broken Spires rework on Broken Spires week? Or will it be slotted in some random week?

Just speculation from me, but I would assume it will come with the Legends Reborn event for the kingdom, which seems to be coming at some point down the line based on spoilers for yet to be released pets.

Though technically, there’s nothing stopping troop changes before that event :slight_smile:

so, the roadmap does say Broken Spires Kingdom Rework is in September. So… maybe a Legends Reborn in September, but not on a Broken Spires week?

Hey everyone!

We have again updated the Gems of War 2022 Roadmap. I have updated the image at the top of this thread and added the image in this post so it’s easy for everyone to see the changes.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


So broken spire update is indeed pushed back


Ah, pushed back till after they’re sold to the Soylent Green Corporation

Just to see the changes of this update, here is the old one and the new one.


road map1


Heyas, just as a little more info, we had to shuffle around our schedule a little and as we had to push some things back anyway we thought it would be very fitting to have the Broken Spire rework around the 8th Gems of War anniversary as Broken Spire was the very first Kingdom.


You push everything back that doesn’t benefit the bottom line as the dungeon revamp illustrates today. Jog on…IP2 credibility is zero.