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Gems of Streaming

:sob: :sob: :sob:


@Cyrup left, @Sirrian left (busy elsewhere)… @Ozball will be the GoW new stream face?..

I rather read it as there won’t be any further streams, they are still looking into possibly contracting Salty to do one on special occasions.

Salty said during stream that any contract work she does is unlikely to be community stuff, so probably not a stream. Not entirely sure if someone else will pick up the streams or notm

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I read it as she may still write for the game if they chose to contract it out.

P.S…I also blame patch 4.7 as her reason for departing. Like the other Gems of War souls we’ve lost since that update.

Still waiting on the Phoenix Down @Sirrian and @Nimhain for the game.

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Is there a “Monday/Tuesday” stream this week?
Or just the “Wed/Thu” farewell stream?