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Gems of Streaming

Could we please keep this thread on topic?

Please feel free to start an off topic thread and continue this conversation.

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Fine I’ve deleted my messages. Arena still sucks. There are better uses of my time than complaining to deaf ears.


At least they acknowledged the suggestion of an arena stream…

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Mythic preview today!

5 pm pst. Forgot about the timezone change!

Next stream perhaps you can show off Gems of War on next gen, either a Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5. Surely by next week the company will have at least one console to share. (If you don’t already)

Not sure how you expect me to stream off one of those consoles when I don’t own one and we can’t legally go to the office!

If your city is back on lockdown then that’s a fair reason why it can’t happen.
I just assumed the company it’s self is getting at least one console. And though most companies can’t go to their headquarters to work. They can go there to get office supplies if necessary (at least here anyway). Things like next gen consoles are being time shared between co-workers. Since you’re the only one on the staff that streams, it makes the most sense for you to have priority. But if you’re on lockdown there’s not much you can do… understandably.

Melbourne is in a less strict form of lockdown, but we are still in lockdown. We are not allowed to visit the office, and if people can work from home they MUST continue doing so wherever possible.

Huge fines are in place if you don’t follow the rules.

On top of this, I haven’t streamed to a console before. I don’t have the extra half day or even full day if there are issues in my schedule to experiment, set up, and get a next Gen stream working seamlessly. Also, a progranmer having access to a testing console is much more important than me. (as a last note on this topic, we use Dev kits to make console builds. They can’t be used as typical consoles, as they are designed for development. They function a little differently.)

Our streams have always been pc, and will remain so, especially during a pandemic.


Everything will be in time today?

Look, fingers crossed.

I heard the next stream would be an endless Arena battle marathon until a Pet Gnome was found there.

I may have been misinformed though.


Even though every other week the devs release an Anus joke.
I don’t feel comfortable saying a vexxual joke about Salty.
So instead… I’m pretty sure Sirrians new safe word is “Arena” given the recent reception to even mentioning the game mode let a lone the obvious omission of Pet Gnomes from the arena.

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Hey team, I need to be away from work today so our stream is cancelled. I apologise for the late notice.


Incase none of the devs told you, they put pet gnomes back in the arena as of last night. So it’s safe to stream again. :wink: (I’m sure you’re legitly away from work today… I’m just being “cheeky”).

Quick heads up!


Nice to know. Could we please have some talk on this specific thread? Please no cosmetic pet event on vault weekend


The Monday after the event they will update that thread to [Need more info]

No streams next week, but I’ll be back the following week. <3 Please look after yourselves and each other while I’m gone!


Coming back to stream today!!!