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Gems of Streaming

it wasn’t written anywhere that it will take 300 valor points to get 60 writs…
what was written:

"3 Gem Keys --> 1000 Jewel Shards --> 2 Event Keys --> 60 Writs --> 1 Minor Orb of Chaos

– Valor does not carry over to future events.
– Valor needed for each prize tier was not revealed (still under balancing)."

What bugs are getting fixed? Only 1 bug is getting fixed that I can see.

The slowdown during troop highlights, for one :man_shrugging:

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Please read and watch the stream. You need to loop the Arena runs to get the Rewards. They are progressive and the cost increases like the pity Vault keys.

Agree. This is a positive :joy:. The fact that clicking in a troop to cast a spell won’t take a minute while waiting for opponent animation to finish.

That is my entire point.

Edit :That slowdown was deemed on purpose from what I have read on here. So its not really a bug.

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Looking at the huge pile of ignored player feedback I’m not sure whether I should be laughing or sobbing… :worried:


YUP I agree. Player feedback is ignored by @Sirrian. It didn’t use to be this way! Very sad state for gems

I’ve already (mostly) said my piece, though I’m sure I’ll add a few thoughts in other threads once the events are live and I’ve had a chance to play them.

But one thing I think is getting lost in the weeds: I actually like the gameplay of Arena, same as I like the different mechanics of Treasure Hunt. As an early player, these were my favorite modes.

What I’ve never liked, and what got me to move on from playing these modes at all, were the smaller-rewards-per-unit-time.

It just wasn’t profitable to play in the Arena. It might still not be, if the pity-timer balance isn’t worked out well (thanks @Smash for validating my line of thinking; I guess being around for as long as I have, or maybe just being Metagross, has given me secret psychic powers that allow me to see what the devs are up to before things go live :sweat_smile:).

But if it is made profitable, I do look forward to playing, not just grinding Imperial Deeds.

If the draft pool is improved, and if there are some checks in-place so that the entire mode doesn’t become too-hard a la @Fourdottwoone’s point about difficulty creeping up as more lucky hyper-synergistic builds crop up, and if rewards feel rewarding per-unit-time again, then I will more than happily play, and have fun doing so.


But it’s even less profitable to play Arena now, isn’t it? You don’t even get half as much if you are playing outside one of those rare weekend events.


AFAIK the valor requirements for rewards are still being worked out. What was said on stream (paraphrasing) “you can just keep doing it as much as you want, and get as many writs as you want”. If the model going live is what @Smash has seen in beta, then that is at conflict with the sentiment on stream, because at a quadratic progression measured against total rewards for the weekend (time to double total rewards scales quadratically) - there is no sane way to farm.

I’m sure @Smash leaking even the scaling aspect (I don’t remember it being mentioned on stream, but will stand to be corrected) is probably against NDA, and may not even represent how the final product will look like. Although it is being taken as gospel now and is drawing a lot of feedback.

(don’t beta testers have a beta symbol on their gravatars? is it just all a guess?)

Nah. It’s broken and the overall design does not work and is worse than the current 5 year old Arena implementation.

Why do players want to spend 3 weekend days playing a mode that has RANDOM unleveled , untrained troops? No hero XP?

It’s a solo event so new players will definitely get less rewards than TOD, Invasion, Raid where Guild Veterans can Support their rewards.

If you are like me and you have lots of classes and trained troops, why do you want to suffer with nothing for 3 days?


For me, I see the arena redesign as nothing but more sanctioned play after I spent way too much money and time to have most of the Weapons and all the troops in the game.

But I do 111% hope that new-mid players enjoy it. Because that’s the demographic that seems to be cliff diving the most these days.
So I never even get to see them reach the end game level.

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I had the impression they are just looking at the scaling factor, meaning how much extra valor you need for each next reward (apparently 50 in the beta).

Which is technically true, the time required just keep growing exponentially. They’ve introduced that system for gnome events, they’ll reuse it for arena events. I suspect it might currently not even allow any linear progression.

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Very different things. Pity keys are ancillary rewards. Using the same system for primary rewards needs a perverse way of thinking. I’m just going to sit on the fence until this goes live in 3 weeks.

No. The point is the new Arena is worse than the 5 year old Arena AND It might also be progressively worse. This means that each run will get way more Valor expensive than the previous run… just like pity Vault Keys currently do.

Devs are cheap! They don’t build new code anymore…they just reuse what they have … so the Arena RE work will become an even larger waste of time every game!!

It depends on how you look at it, both also qualify as ancillary rewards. You always get rewards from Arena, just like you always get rewards from gnomes. During the event weekend there are rewards on top, subject to diminishing returns to hold back farmers. I’m pretty sure that’s how their design department sees it.

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I can’t imagine looking at this and saying “Yeah…this looks good. Let’s go with it.” I also can’t imagine spending a weekend playing it.


Inb4 power potions being sold in arena. Someone quote me so I get credit when it happens.


It’s the only way the Supposed rework of Arena works.

But it still doesn’t work as no traits, kingdom levels, hero, weapons, etc. so sorry as there won’t be a shop as the Arena is totally broken.

Do you Really want to spend gems, if you could, for untrained, unleveled Troops without hero or weapons?

But it doesn’t matter as there is NO shop in the RE