Gems of Streaming

I hope that they decided to make the increments between rewards the same - like 50 valor/1 perfect run per reward, 5 runs (30 battles) for a full round of rewards. It just feels a lot cleaner that way.

I’m a little alarmed at the implied math here. I think that 30 slow battles per orb of chaos seems too generous, but let’s assume that it works that way.

At 60 writs per round, that’s 17 rounds (510 arena battles) per imperial deed, assuming no losses. This sort of feels like getting 5 jewels from an epic task, or 4 magic books from a full campaign.

I guess we’ll see how it works. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something or being too pessimistic.

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Your math is wrong yeah

Using the 50 per reward I used above:

Reward 1 - 50 Valor
Reward 2 - 100 Valor
Reward 3 - 150 Valor
Reward 4 - 200 Valor
Reward 5 - 250 Valor
Reward 1 - 300 Valor
Reward 2 - 350 Valor
Reward 3 - 400 Valor

So on and so forth. Each time you get a reward, it sets it back to 0. So to get reward 1 the 2nd time, using the 50 example, would require 6 full runs again after getting the orb.

So to get that 60 writs once, which I believe is the 4th reward, you need 10 full arena wins. Then to get it a 2nd time would require another 35 full arena wins, and it keeps increasing like that.

Keep in mind, this is based on a made up example number of 50 per reward and is in no way a reflection of what will happen as I don’t know numbers of the rewards tiers

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It was the lowest effort they could do instead of looking through the weapons they could allow to be used on Arena and/or find another mechanic to use the hero…

Minimum effort have been their modus operandi for a while and people still refuse to see it.


Unfortunately, I feel like this is rather in line with other recent updates that weren’t received well.

Agreed, that’s a good move for a game mode supposed to be played on equal footing.

Disagree. This didn’t have to be yet another strong push towards P2W. Hand out better rewards, reduce the entrance fee, that’s all okay. Don’t sell free wins for money.

Disagree. Those extra rewards are only active during rare special events and apparently subject to diminishing returns (requiring cumulative effort for each subsequent reward). Going by beta numbers, the first reward cycle requires 15 full arena runs, the second reward cycle already another 40 full arena runs.
1000 shards is 10 diamonds, 60 writs is 0.06 imperial deeds, that’s pretty paltry for several hours of effort.

Strongly disagree, it’s a huge nerf to current Arena rewards. The number of battles was reduced to compensate for the much slower battles due to not having the hero around. This would have been okay if rewards had stayed the same, they got slashed almost in half though, down to 750 souls and 3 glory keys for a full run that likely takes longer than a full run now. Together with the increased difficulty ending runs early I believe players will get roughly a third of what they used to get, for the same time spent.


That really doesn’t seem worth the effort… The Vault Event is way easier in comparison.

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If there are diminishing returns - i.e. it takes longer each run to achieve the same, and many times longer, I really don’t know what to say.

Did the stream mention any fun involved? New things in the actual game mode, you know like a random type of gem drops in the battle and if you get it, you get a boost or something?

Remove a block (ala delves) in game, get something, you know things that could create some fun…I mean anything except the same game mode minus hero…


And for the 99% of the game that needs hero class xp. 3 days of not earning hero class xp while doing the arena event. At least with Bounty it’s still an option to use the hero.

The more complicated GoW becomes, the more it works against it’s self.


I guess the major difference is that players are already loving the vault event, extra keys on top are always welcome. Arena has a pretty mixed reception, increasing difficulty, making battles slower and reducing rewards isn’t going to help there, even with some hard to get extra goodies thrown in for a weekend every month or two.

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Another major point is that the Vault Event lets the player participate however they choose, whether to find pet gnomes or to play in explore. In this case, it lets them use their hero to level up hero classes in battles of their choice.

Arena doesn’t have access to hero xp, so to many, this is even more time lost in that front.


An event without using a hero? ha-ha. No, tnx :sweat_smile:


Another thing, during a vault event I can farm explore for 3 days spamming Phoenicia while barely glancing at the game and actually be watching movies or tv shows etc. But arena is different. I really doubt I could do arena for 3 days.


I’m also somewhat concerned about how much the difficulty might actually have been cranked up.

As much as I know the teams we face currently are the ones that made it all the way through. Those are pretty weak, most players just optimize their troop picks for Dawnbringer. That specific weapon gets replaced by a random low-end weapon when going to the opponent pool, leaving mostly a push-over team.

If reworked Arena keep this approach, players will mostly be facing “toxic” teams. This would really be a vicious circle, you need a very strong team to have a reasonable chance of winning all fights, at which point that very strong team is added to the opponent pool. Some troops are exceptionally powerful in arena (e.g. Ranger, Rock Spirit, Midge Swarm), meeting them almost every fight might discourage players from playing this game mode even more.

This has got to be the WORST decision @Sirrian has made for GOW in over 5+ years! Arena re-work SUCKS!

And I should know. Has anyone played GOW longer than me? This is a rotten supposed re work of Arena!

Total tedious boring grind fest for meh!


Agreed 100%…


But playing GOW should be fun. Not torture!

It’s like devs ran out of ideas and decided to remove all incentive to play.

Maybe 5.3 can be an Invasion rework without Invasion Troops and 25% of the orbs! Awesome :vomiting:


Since even teams without a hero add the hero choice, it’s too bad you can’t select a hero for a team, and get experience for that class, even if not using the hero in the team. I hope I explained that correctly.


I say we wait and check it out before calling it torture. It can always be adjusted and tweaked based on player feedback. It sounds interesting to me. I’m willing to experience it before rushing to judgment.


Why wait? It’s been stated that it will operate like Vault progression. And it will take more than 36 battles to get 60 Writs. And it takes 1000 Writs to make a deed and we need more than 1000 deeds.

The supposed reworked Arena is 3 random troops, no traits, no medals, no hero or hero XP, no weapons, and therefore NO SYNERGY!! Is there a gem shop we can dump money into to even make this supposed re work playable?? Awful stuff

This not only does NOT sound fun, it’s a huge time sink. Further, this dilutes the existing weekend events therefore slowing new player progress as they will get fewer orbs and rewards than the 5.1 system!

At a bare minimum traits should be enabled. There is no synergy possible with the current stated design


Everyone should be excited, this is the first time in a long time that the entire update is about bug fixes instead of tearing down an existing system and making it worse.