Gems of Streaming

Can we expect a stream in a few hours?

Yep, stream in forty minutes @Nullings.

Yep, I’ll be streaming today!

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Just confirming stream is on schedule? It is 6:42 PM PDT.

Edit: started a few minutes later woot.

Stream will be at 7 00 pm PDT this week. Thanks for your understanding!

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Pew pew very bare bones streaming schedule for you all.


So basically 5.6 could come as early as the week of July 5th.

And hopefully at the latest it’ll come by the week of July 19th.

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Look, I can’t say you’re right, and I can’t say you’re not wrong.


Wouldn’t it rather come beginning of August? They probably won’t change anything in regards to Lycanthropy during the campaign, and they’ll need to add the next unpopular feature before the next campaign starts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s your schedule team!


Darn, didn’t catch this until now. As someone keeping track of when the updates happen (I haven’t a clue why I started doing this…), they do follow a kind of schedule. It’s sometimes all over the place but it’s enough to give us a rough clue of when to expect.

5.6 Preview Stream Notes
July 5, 2021

Status: Stream has ended.


  • 4 new gnome units, from the gnome band Mana Surge.
    • Names: Baz Bonebeater, Cindi Savagelips, Freddi Fretfiddler, Hoagi Humbucker (credit: Neritar)
  • Drops verses when defeated (1 unique verse per band member).
  • Combine the four verse pieces in the Soulforge to create a Gnome-A-Palooza.
  • 4 Gnomes (except Cedric, pet gnome in only in PvP) will then spawn in ALL battles that can spawn gnomes for the next 15 minutes.
  • All gold earned is doubled while Gnome-A-Palooza is active.
  • Gnome-A-Palooza is a single-player event.
  • Players may stack multiple 15 minute sessions (there will be a display bug at launch if more than 1 hour of duration is stacked, but does not affect the functionality of the event or the time awarded).
  • New music plays while the Gnome-A-Palooza is active.
  • A timer with the remaining time left in Gnome-A-Palooza will appear on the World Map.
  • Band member gnome spawn rate is lower than other gnomes (normal spawn rate during Gnome-A-Palooza)
  • Minor Glitch: Hero is not replaced by a gnome in PvP, but the player will earn 4 gnomes’ worth of prizes.


  • New Heroic Gems added to game for future campaigns (no details given).
  • 2 new Warbands in this update, replacing 2 existing warbands (Armored Legion and Entangled Woods; credit: Neritar). Replaced warbands may come back in the future.
  • Side note: The devs currently do not have the functionality to manually manipulate the Adventure Board. May be added as a dev tool in 5.7.

Lycanthropy Changes

  • Lycanthropy now behaves similar to Transform in that the target’s level becomes halved on transform.
    • The visual effect for Lycanthropy (the devour part of it; not shown on stream) has been replaced to better differentiate the status effect.
    • There is a new unique audio effect to signal when Lycanthropy has been inflicted upon a unit as an audio cue.
    • Lycanthropy transforms now act as a kill for task completion.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Valravens will now award sigils when transformed by Lycanthropy.
  • Spells that duplicate gems now work on Doomskulls.
  • Banner count now correctly adds Warband banners to a player’s total.
  • A bunch of visual UI glitches are fixed.


  • First-time Gem purchase bonuses are renewed for all players.
  • Task skip costs are now show on the skip button itself.
  • No new kingdoms in the short to medium-term future.
  • No planned changes to timing of events during Guild War weeks. Devs are fairly settled on the current status quo.
  • Tower of Doom more often than once every 11 weeks? Salty: No comment at this time.
  • Patch timing: Not this week. Could be anytime starting next week or any point thereafter…
  • The devs can’t duplicate the explore crash on consoles. They’ve tried to duplicate the issue without success on internal consoles.

Armored Legion and Entangled Woods


Thanks :slight_smile:

Got the names of the band members, by any chance?

Baz Bonebeater, Cindi Savagelips, Freddi Fretfiddler, Hoagi Humbucker according to Taransworld, and looks like confirmed on stream


Will the team slots and banners from the removed warbands be unobtainable? I’ve only been offered enough coins to buy one warband since they launched.

Thanks for the stream notes!


They said they would come back at some point in the future, but did not give any sort of timetable for that.

I love the idea of the gnome a palooza. THIS is the kind of fun new injection the game needs, not stupid lycanthropy.

So will the 4 new gnomes be new troops? Available only by VK’s?


@Saltypatra What about the pet count? I’m showing as 2 missing pets but I have them all. The team slots count is also fubar. Will these be fixed as well?

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Do you have all the platform-exclusive pets? I think that’s what is missing.