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Gems of Streaming

Pet Gnomes in Explore!

Ok, just dreaming :laughing:

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And they trigger rescues for pets from the kingdom you’re exploring! :scream:

Dream big :grin:


Omg, don’t even :sweat_smile: (still, my beating heart)

As long as f2p players can join in on the fun, sounds cool!

Double post, oops… but I have to say this; despite not wanting to get my hopes up, hearing about these leaks has got me excited. I really hope they do a good job and show us they’ve still got it!

A lot of our updates recently have been laying groundwork for bigger future updates. I’m really glad Nim and Sirrian got to jump on briefly yesterday!!!


Honestly, props to you and the team for poking a hole through the veil of communications put up months ago. It was super nice to see some light shining through for once and feel a bit of the excitement I used to with updates.

Hoping for the best moving forwards!


Confirmed by Not Salty just now then.

A Writ/Deed gnome is definitely TBD a thing.

Excited for the possibility of new classes and kingdoms!

Please though - have at least a small balance pass for existing classes. Three quarters of classes have no reason to ever get picked over any other class and half a dozen classes are so hyper situational, they only work because of a single gimmick or troop, often limited to a single game mode.


What about 8th February?

New streaming schedule is up!


Sorry team, due to a snap lockdown I won’t be able to go to the office and stream.

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The PQ stream will go ahead today, our snap lockdown has lifted. <3

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@Saltypatra Is it true that Night Hags should be seen but not heard?

Well I am both seen and heard so I’m not sure if that says more about Night Hags or me.

Since when is being thirsty against the community guidelines? Salty is a big girl. I think she can handle a fan boy herself without an overzealous flagger.

Someone(s) needs to go back to flag school.
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I actually don’t like my appearance being commented on excessively on stream, and I’ve explained this to viewers before. I know that it happens and it doesn’t bother me if it’s in passing, but when it’s continuous it makes me quite uncomfortable. Our regular viewers understand this and I appreciate it.


If that’s what happened in his comment then fair enough. Without knowing that the comment was linked to the stream it’s hard to see it as anything but gibberish. Ultimately you are the decider though. If what’s said on one platform has influence on another platform then so be it.

If you’re uncomfortable by it. And it continuously happens from this viewer. Perhaps it’s worth permanently removing that viewer from the stream… Or any platform they can reach you on.

Now that your company actually has an HR (assumptively). Are the half nude portraits of Sirrian no longer allowed?

Well, I can assume the jokes I can make with this, would probably not be encouraged by HR.

Presto is totally fine btw! I was speaking in more general terms.