Gems of Streaming

If you feel that my statement was misleading, I apologise. I was specifically referring to there being a paid barrier of entry. There are ways to spend in our weekly guild events if player’s choose to do so, but it is not necessary to participate and help their guild. We also never want to add a stamina system to PVP, Quest, Explore, Arena or Treasure Hunt. We want players to be able to play Gems of War at their leisure, without needing to purchase an amount of battles, or pay to have a timer removed so they can continue playing the game when they choose too.

I believe I mentioned this earlier, but we have made sure that even when adding Deed tasks to the AB, that the AB will still have the same amount of overall gem value.

However, all that being said, we are seriously off topic. Please keep all consequent conversation in line with the purpose of this thread. If you would like to discuss any of the particulars mentioned earlier further, please start a new thread with your thoughts and opinions.

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