Gems of Streaming



@Cyrup is brave and does streaming just fine alone, especially when she doesn’t have @Ozball around ruining my attempts into tricking her into divulging spoliers :crazy_face:.


You all be nice and not trick my @cyrup! Or no codes!


I’m on Xbox :face_with_monocle: and will gleefully trick cyrup just to deny the codes!


Pfft, who cares for codes…we are just watching streams to see some funny girls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Update will drop before the first day of GW starts.


You’re safe; Cyrup is supposed to release spoilers for her next 2 streams lol


I HAVE streamed by myself before… though it’s been awhile. Please be kind and gentle :bird:


I’d have thought you’d have help from @Sirian, @Ozbal, @Saliypatra or @Nimhaln for the big reveal.

But all the more news and secrets for you to reveal!


Don’t forget to join the stream at 1:30 pm AEST Sydney time today! twitch counter is broke, looking into it now


I can’t join the stream when I sleep, but I hope that you can answer a question when you see my post.

Is there any plan to add or modify recipes to the Soul forge that will include at least some of the missed Event weapons? Some sort of rework?
I am talking about the weapons that are usually not presented in the Weekly Event, like Earth’s Fury, Trickster’s shot, Flammifer. Many of us can’t afford to spend $50 for a Bundle pack that also contains one of those weapons, especially if all that we need is a weapon, but not the cards. We can, however, pay $5 with no problem. Can you elaborate a bit?

Thank you.


While Salty’s away, @Cyrup comes out to play! Join now on Twitch for Salty’s Cyrup’s Fight Club, and some epic codes to give away!


I just wonder: will there be some preview of Fang Moor troops?


Join me in 1 hour and 40 mins at 1:30 pm AEST for the preview of the new Shentang Mythic, Tian Yi!


Join @Cyrup right now on Twitch as she shows off the new Mythic from Shentang - Tian Yi! While Salty’s still away, Cyrup may also be doing some Salty’s Fight Club Cyrup’s Chill Challenges!


Thanks for joining me with the new mythic stream!!! I had heaps of fun :smiley: let me know if you want to see the team combos


Cyrup’s Chill Challenges FTW, lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I think fight club was last week?


For reference, here are Tian Yi’s Teams from the stream:

Suncrest banner
Tian Yi

More fun:
Hall of guardians banner
Tian Yi
King Silenus

  • Needs the third trait for King S to work well.

Cyrup’s Yi, adjusted on stream:
Hall of Guardians banner
Silent Sentinel
Mountain Crusher (bard)
Tian Yi


So when are you becoming a permanent streamer? :wink:


In my dreams, I imagine myself sipping coffee for 1.5 hours and ranting about David Bowie. so in there, it is permanent. You will have the lovely @Saltypatra next week. She is much better at having a proper conversations than I am.