Gems Not Giving Magic? New Person Here!

So yeah, I’m new here ya’ll, however I’ve had this game for over two years now and am level 149 sorcerer class scythe wielding ‘edge lord’. It’s great! But, anywho, I have been playing long enough that I am pretty comfortable playing the game, doing PVP and winning in the arena from time to time. Even though I have a crappy guild, Walking Deadites (All lower case actually) with six members and seems like only half of us do any crap, being me, my step dad, and mom. The only legit reason we are level 62 is because we have no life other than work and for me college.

For those interested, my name on the thing is Tristan Red, and no I don’t have a mic set as my sister broke mine using it to talk to her friends. Yeah, been too lazy to buy a new one… And an very rare occasions I talk in the chat on my xbox one. Mostly with some funny comment, when someone say ‘Good Morning’ I’m like ‘Bitch I’ve been up since midnight!’ Because I’m a gremlin. And yes I do curse alot, but will try to tone it down.

But, enough on that, time to go into my question on if anyone else has noticed this as I have in these two years with the game. So, to start, I am on the firm belief that yes this game does cheat. The amount of crap I’ve had to deal with when it comes to the AI system and game in general I’m just not even caring at this point.
For instance, often when I do a pet rescue or dungeon, it’s on the notion of just do your turn and then sit back and wait for the AI to destroy you in one turn.
Spend hours collecting gems to open 50 chests, and only get one new card and a bunch of crap, when others how spend money into the game get mythic and legendary left and right. Legit, out of the thousands of gems I work my ass off to get in treasure maps, guild, and pvp I only have one mythic that isn’t even that strong when I have her beefed up, save for traits as traitstones and mega hard to get.
Spend hours to says exploring, and only come out with 200 regular traitstones, and one runic but no others. I have to get 6 Death Arcane Stones and out of the year I have needed 6, I’ve only found 1, and forged the other two.

This among other things I why I’m on the belief this game cheats enough to force you to have to pay money to get the goods. Then again it’s a free game, so I can see partly why.
Now I’ve read threads, and get the developers have explicit said their AI ‘does not cheat’. But, listen I’ve played games since I was about 8, and have seen enough and read enough to know you lie. Developers lie to get you to play the game and think they aren’t cheating. But me, I could care less about the cheating and obvious push to pay money to get good things. But, seriously, don’t pretend that it’s not doing that, you’re a company your out for money, we get it the game is free you need to feed yourself.

Now back onto my question that I just wonder has anyone else notice this little thing: When playing you clearly match up gems, have high bonus for it, but your troop gains no magic. This happens mostly with my mythic troop I use, Skadi if you’re curious. She will have 17/20 boost for her to cast, and I have my Hero who has the trait ‘Magi Link’ which gives me purple gem bonus and banner that drops more purple gems, and a little skeleton puppy that gives me purple gem bonus. But when i matched the gems for her to get more magic, she gains nothing.
This also happens with my Hero and other troops as well. I’ll have all this to make sure I can cast faster, but yet when matching gems, I notice they gain no mana from them.

I’ve been looking around for anyone else who has noticed this, but found nothing on it. Am I the only one, is it bug, I’m not really sure, but hey, leave some comments because I think I’m going crazy by this point, or the game is just cheating as pre-usual.
Why do I keep playing, because I have no life like most of you on here.

So yeah, thanks for the answers or comments in general, and happy to be on the forum.

what is your team?
pet only boosts your stats if you have 4x purple troops in a team, if you are talking about mushroom

This has been reported several times before:

It’s very likely that you are noticing a confusing animation. At all game speeds, upon gem matches, the troop’s mana number is updated instantly, but the swooping animation flying toward the mana number takes longer to display. When the animated effect reaches the total number, the number doesn’t change because it already changed instantly upon the actual matching of the gems. This is more noticeable at certain animation speeds.

If this is not the case, please try to capture some video of the bug happening. The devs would genuinely love to see it happen, because it gets reported somewhat frequently.

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Here’s your tinfoil hat: :rescue_worker_helmet:
I’ve been playing F2P for years, haven’t yet noticed the game cheating to force you to pay money. Quite the contrary, this seem to be one of the most generous games for F2P players.

You probably mean mana, not magic. Mana is assigned in order top to bottom, so if one of your top troops still needs purple mana for its spell, the bottom troops also needing purple mana won’t receive any. It only starts trickling down once the troops above are filled up. The “skeleton puppy” is probably Moon Moon, it grants you a bonus to XP earned from battle, there isn’t any pet that increases the mana gained from matches.