Gem Sale! (This Weekend!)


Since we are all giving our 2 cents, I would like to give mine. Personally, I like more “traditional” sales. I like money off of what is already available, especially when it brings it into a nice price.

For example, The Guild Seals Elite pack for $5 when on sale. I love that. And it is one of the few times I still buy in this game. I bought it 2 weeks in a row and so did most of my Guildmates. What I wouldn’t buy would be something like: The Elite pack at $20, but this week only, we added extra keys. Its still $20 for a one time purchase and that deters me, hard, as it would many others, I assume.

So, the current way you do Guild Seals pack sale is what I would like to see for Gems. Instead of adding more gems in, take some money off of what is already offered and assuming it’s a reasonable sale (not a Wal-Mart sale where you take off 3 cents and call it a deal. Haha), I would happily buy it.

On a side note, I will say that I enjoy your subscription packs as well. During my first 10 months in game (i say that, because I bought less after the Gem nerf and new UI, which was when that happened, about 10 months in), I used to buy the sub packs all the time.

I bought the Daily gold one 3 or 4 times in my early days, because I was in a Top 25 guild and was also trying to build kingdoms. I bought Daily Gems a couple times. And I bought Path to Glory 1, a couple times. PtG 2 I never did though. I wanted too, especially early on, but $50 is hard to come up with for one transaction, sometimes. All in all though, I do like the subscription packs, as a whole, though.


Wasn’t the servers down for awhile on Xbox the last time there was a sale? It was a bounty week… (or am I confusing that with the new player thing?


Please keep this thread on topic. There is already a thread for Xbox server issues. Thank you. :slight_smile:


On a side note about feedback, while I suppose the gems portion of the shop is successful enough, I can’t help but wonder if you guys could maximize it more. Adding more gem sinks, even if some like delves, bounties or pet events is nice, other modes suffer under the system.

Sigil based events are often self driven as anything guild related can be done by tier 3 or 4 as a whole. However, I draw a hard line at obtaining mythics or legendaries. In terms of mythics, unless it was changed, to my knowledge, the path packs will give a random troop, even on an exclusive week. While obviously it would be a little too good to outright give a missing mythic (but it’d be nice), why couldn’t it be changed to give the new mythic in its exclusive week? I have brought this up before, and I think it would be a boost to the sales of said pack. Without sales data I cannot say how successful the higher gem packs sell for, but even if they are successful, would you say that Ketras is worth a new console? Would I trade my switch for a Suna? Even the price of a full game is a bit much, but not nearly as bad in comparison. The pack encourages daily play, allows people to plan ahead instead of impulse buys, and based on current gem prices, may be more inclined as they bought it ahead for a “discount”. It’s not like mythics don’t have the new perfect schedule for such a thing. Also, if by chance the packs do this then why not advertise that over an ishbaala pack with 35 event keys, whoop dee freakin doo, a legendary and some event keys. That’s the real deal over a guarantee for a mythic that is designed to kill them.

I agree wholeheartedly, with the sales in the style of guild elite or avatar packs as giving an actual sale for a discount. The gem sales just are awful in comparison and whale impulsive buyers may go for these packs, you may find you are not maximizing profits by only whale watching. Sometimes you can find quite a few dolphins if you take a look around and change your tactics.

So in other words, you gotta orcanize your shop better.


I read somewhere about F2P game models and overwhelmingly it is dependant on whales to make money.

Small fish may pay for the coffee, but it is the whales that keep the lights on.


And here I thought you stop spending money because you were tired of cards that you bought getting nerfed. Who does not love a gems sale. :sunglasses:


Because next gem sale might not be before Christmas. Now is your chance.


We don’t have gem sales very often, so if you want to take advantage of this one, now’s the time.

Also, I’ve been doing my best to give you all a little notice. I like to post about the sale the day before across social and on these forums to give you some warning.


Ty salty but any reason you can drop the seal bundle prices but not the gem prices?


It’s not just our decision when it comes to the shop. :slight_smile:


Why every other 505 games are able to do it every weekend but not gow?


I don’t know the inner workings of 505. I liaise with their community team, and find their help and support to be invaluable.


I could be wrong but my guess is that they would have to go through a bunch of crap with Sony and Microsoft to get prices changed on their bundles . Every once in a while i’ll see where PS4 or Xbox1 will have a deal on things that sometimes include GoW bundles … when I started playing PS4 actually gave away 2 bundles for the game. When that happened I didnt see much in the way of promotion for it from the devs here… maybe they didnt even know it was happening? keep in mind this is just my guess


Can someone please explain to me the weird pricing of the $30 Chalice of gems pack? For some reason it’s the worst value by far of all the packs even the cheaper ones! Shouldn’t it be BETTER value than the $5 and $10 packs or at least equal value? I’ve raised this question before with no response. @Saltypatra

$ are in USD and base amount of gems without VIP or gem bonus:

$5 Stack of gems = 10c per gem
$10 Bag of gems = 10c per gem
$30 Chalice of gems = 12.5c per gem (WORSE VALUE THAN CHEAPER PACKS)
$50 Chest of gems = 7.69c per gem
$100 Motherload = 6.67c per gem


You get to keep the chalice as memorabilia?

Just kidding of course, I agree the pricing makes no sense.


Maybe the stupid price of the $30 pack is a sneaky psychological trick to fool people into thinking the $50 and $100 packs are better value than they are at a glance. It’s the only reason I can think of other than just plain incompetence when setting up the store.