Gem Dragon Community Drop Rates

I am not super knowledgeable about spreadsheets and I’m not sure how to do that :sweat_smile: If you or anyone else would like to make a copy of my sheet and improve on it, that’d be epic!

Here it is: GoW Gem Dragons Chart - Google Sheets

Crafted order:

  1. Garnetaerlin (Brown)
  2. Topasarth (Yellow)
  3. Sapphirax (Blue)
  4. Amethialas (Purple)
  5. Garnataerlin (Brown dupe)
  6. Rubirath (Red)
  7. Amethialas (Purple dupe)
  8. Sapphirax (Blue dupe)

Crafted 7 and 8 on a Saturday (different ones) for what its worth

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----- Data up to this point -----

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So far I collected “blue” and “brown”.
Just two eggos opened.

Looking at the stats as of now, it looks like the overall distribution is close to equal. But it’ll still wreck us all if the distribution per user is unequal. :slight_smile: The real question moreso is and will be, how many eggos will everyone each need until one dragon set is completed.

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I can’t edit your spreadsheet directly (because permissions), and in any case you need to be logging raw data IN your spreadsheet (in a designated location, or a separate sheet) before you can build functions to compile the results for you. Right now you’re just tallying up (and graphing) the results manually.

For a comparison, take a look at this example sheet I mocked up:

  • Column A contains raw dates. For demonstration purposes I generated these randomly (they in fact reroll with any edit made to the spreadsheet). In a real example you would just type in your raw data here.
  • Column B extracts the day-of-week from each date (1=Sunday, 2=Monday, etc) so we can use it later.
  • Column C likewise extracts the day-of-month from each date.
  • Column D represents a Gem Dragon for that day. Again, for demonstration purposes this is generated randomly; in a real example you would be reporting the actual data (again, as-is).
  • Column E demonstrates writing a few formulas to make the spreadsheet compile various kinds of data for you (in real time even).
  • First up is the “# of Wednesdays”, calculated by scanning column B (day of week) for the value 4 (Wednesday).
  • Second up is the # of dates within the “week 1” of its month (e.g. 1st through 7th day of month), done by scanning column C.
  • Last but not least is a simple Dragon finder. You should be able to edit the white box in cell E8 - type a Dragon name here and you will see a count of how many times that Dragon appears in column D. (Note that because the names in column D are picked at random, the values – i.e. the “search results” – will change with every edit made.)
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Saved 500 crafted Sapphirax.
Saved another 500 crafted Sapphirax, what are the odds?
Saved up 2500 crafted 5 at once, x3 Sapphirax, Rubirath, Topasarth

So my total is x5 Sapphirax, x1 Rubirath, x1 Topasarth


2 Amethyst
2 Garnet
1 Topaz
1 Emerald
1 Sapphire

2x green
1x brown
1x blue
1x yellow

I got these (in order)

Green (dupe)
Purple (dupe)
Purple (2nd dupe)

(Two of the purple dragons were crafted on purple day, don’t remember any of the others.)

----- Data up to this point -----

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Tried crafting on specific days, but the colors never matched :man_shrugging:

Rubirath x 1, Topasarth x 3, Sapphirax x 2

Screenshot from my guildmate

Can’t remember the order - but I do know I got one of each first, before the 2 repeated ones (first 3 were all for the same weapon).

In order :-

Garnetaerlin (dupe)
Rubirath (dupe)
Emeraldrin (dupe)

3 dupes from 6 eggs

True my favorite color is purple… but 1 would’ve been fine :woman_facepalming:t2:

Opened my 5th egg today for yellow dupe

2 eggs only and 2 purple dragons. WTF?

Thank you all for the data!! I will update the chart after work!