Gargoyle gems are the worst gems ever

Those gems completely mess the game up. There are no way to counter it, they’re just there. They give enemies buffs you can’t work against. Tidal when you’re fighting some thiefs, blessing when you’re facing webspinners, not even talk about 2nd round death mark blast.
Those gems have lost so many fights for me, it’s obnoxious. They should not be a part of GW or PVP or any event.


Nope, Lycanthropy Gems are still the worst…!


I agree with Rockwell. Were-gems are by far the worst, Potion-gems are a nightmare for any planned playing too. Curse-gems and Wish-gems are about the same degree of annoyance as gargoyle gems.
As a combo player, I am scared of the day, when Freeze-gems are introduced, and with Burn-gems already there, it’s only a matter of time.

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guess what, evil gargs can provide lycan effect as well, so they indeed the worse as they INCLUDE the 2nd worse now.


I pretty much like Gargoyle gems. Exploder style here

@Jerog The freeze gems we’ll see them again with maybe a Campaign themed or winter week or something again

Oh FFS! I wasn’t aware of that :rage: :rage: :rage:

Fine, I change my vote, they ARE the worst!!

They also provide poison, burn and bleed, which are, outside of arena fights and shield based setups, barely noticable.
A lycantrophy gem will always hit you with the were-status, and can be easily matched. A bad gargoyle will do so maybe one out of ten times and needs to be exploded first.
Don’t know, if I just wasted a minute answering a troll post…


I agree that heroic gems should not spawn in pvp or GW, but I think people have been saying that without success since the actual worst gems, lycanthropy, came out.

Gargoyles aren’t great, but they mess with my game no more or less than wish, potion or Wildcards did. Lycanthropy pre nerf literally ruined the game and nearly made me quit the game altogether - I know multiple people who quit specifically because of lycanthropy gems. Even post nerf lycanthropy is still a godawful status ailment.


Hi All,

I agree that Heroic gems can have much effect on your gameplay and I dislike the Lycanthropy the most coz then I almost defeat the enemy just 1 life and it turns in a big boss 300+ health and make this so 3 or more times a battle start being a adventure on it owns so long it takes and that is not like the way I want to have all my battles.
In GW I find indeed that Heroic gems doesnt fit further I see it as challenge to work with those gems.
Yeah maybe im crazy (can better say it myself :wink: ) but those gems keep the game over long term seen a pleasure, fun to play coz the diversity of such Heroic gems, you can say much but GoW is never get boring and I like that in the game!
So agree NOT in GW but further a challenge to work/defeat it.

Have all a great new week with much :GLHF: and of course pleasure with gemming! :star_struck:


Lycantrophy gems can be matched which is worse. Many enemy teams don’t have exploders, especially not in explore where the levels are high.

Plus gargoyles don’t always trigger lycantrophy.


I still hate lycantrophy gems.


I actually quite like gargoyle gems :slight_smile: They remind me of wish gems, but without the chance to backfire (minus an unlucky lycanthropy firing off) like wish gems did. At least here, if I’m doing the exploding, I know it won’t ruin the game for me.


Lol I dont think that will change if you say it so clear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah I agree with you that all Heroic gems has something to add to the game and I dislike the Lycanthropy the most but even that gem works sometimes in my benefit and I find that also with the Gargoyle I have pretty much the good ones in my battles and there is no Heroic gem that has ever ruined my game/ pleasure! :star_struck:
But I agree that in GW it is not great to have Heroic gems.


Did you ever have a lycantrophy of your own troops work in your favour? I’ve seen that once, when a frozen troop, that would have blocked my decisive combo chain (and by that way would have opened the way for the winning enemy turn), had a lycantropy transformation kick in.
Hard to tell, how to feel after such a win.

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Yeah real honestly I have had in few battles with elemental class or EoE, duskbringer against me that my troop had everything negative also lycanthropy and changed into another clean troop, dont understand me wrong its not that Im a fan of this Heroic but I cant deny that I also have won a battle coz Lycanthropy gem.

i thought gargoyle gems might help in factions i am yet to finish. But only Lyrasza has potential explode so the likelihood is death by any mid room team that WILL explode. Actually with Lyrasza, lycanthropy might do you a favour cos the troops at your disposal are garbage.

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I like these stones.

It’s a symbiosis of Divinia and Magnus - just right for my “blow and kill” style.

I consider these to be the best gems there are.


Absolutely agree. Hate Lycanthropy gems.
And the ones that could fill up the enemy team with mana - or your team or a single troop

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Those who say ‘there are not much exploding troops’ apparently dont know ‘destroy gems’ also may collect them. And doom skulls may trigger them as well.
This is madness. It just almost ruined my PF run by silencing the support and entangling the first troop, when an enemy got the garg next to the doomskull. Yeah, perfectly fine gems.