Garden Show

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Stop and smell the roses.

New Troop: Florian

Violets are Blue,
Roses are Red,
I’ve stolen your mana,
And soon you’ll be dead.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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I’ve pushed this announcement out about 10 hours earlier than normal, as our social (twitter & facebook) posts seem to have gone live early.

(and I don’t want folks following a broken link!)


Finally a decent UR! :+1:

Oh great another Nyx! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah but this one answers the question no one was asking, “Why can’t we have a mana drain troop loop with both of Kraken’s colors?”


Love the new card but does this mean no new land???

Quite the opposite. This one is from the new kingdom, Bright Forest.

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Waiting for all the delicious lore of this new Kingdom!

I understand that but should there not be more than just one reveled

This is the troop available for glory. I highly doubt they would release a troop from Bright Forest without opening the kingdom.


I agree with you i just wanted more to show from the Garden :sob:


Oh great… another Nyx…

yup, finally a decent UR to use. :wink:

OK, how many did read it as ‘from Highgarden’? Just me?

Wow i almost missed that thread, im not happy about another boring mana drain exactly like nyx

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It’s strange how differently we look at this topic. I couldn’t care less for the CPU, as long I get a strong troop I can use to invade with, I am fine. (Good for people like me, perhaps.)

So you rather want to get good troops that is only good for human to use and not CPU? Your statement is almost like it would be better to not get any troops or another useless troop.

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What i mean is mana drain is not fun
Same for devour and any 1 shot kill mechanic

Are you not using Famine in some of the Guild Wars days, even a few PvP teams? Its extremely effective and fun to use.

Yup and it’s why i am happy to see the new mana shield, it will leave room for more strategy then “who is the first to fill his troop then drain the other?”

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I leave it at here. I am not gonna derail this thread.