Games Menu Suggestion

When you enter the Guild menu, you can go into specific areas. Let’s say you open the Guild menu, and then Invasion. When you exit Invasion, you’re back on the Guild menu. Good! I like how this works.

But when you enter the Games menu, it doesn’t do that. If I click on Games, then Dungeon, then exit Dungeon, I’m sent to the world map instead of back to the Games menu.

I’d love to see this changed so that exiting from Dungeon, Underpsire, etc. brings you back to the main Games menu instead of the world map.


Yes! This!!!

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion!

As I think this would be a great idea for Gems of War, I’ve gone ahead and created a Quality Of Life request to allow for everyone to stay in the Games menu screen after exiting out of the previous gamemode.

Good job on picking up the difference between the Guild and Games menu for your suggestion! :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Bramble

This has been irritating me for quite a while, but I put off bringing it up because I assumed no one would really care.

It’s especially irritating when doing Vault battles.

If I’ve used up all of my Epic Vault Keys, and exit, I get punted to the world map when I want to switch to doing Vault Key battles.