Games crashes immediately, Xbox

Today the game starts to crash immediately after starting. It crashes on both of my Xbox one S and X, so it is not a corrupt file issue. Can’t even start one game, please fix.

It also happens to me and some fellow guild too.
Game freezes, buzzes, and restarts.
Game on Xbox One

I think it’s a Microsoft issue

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Same for me and 3 other guild members

There is an existing bug report thread for this issue:

Has been happening for certain Xbox players for 3 months now.

Looks like @rojo is correct. According to the Xbox Live status page on, there is a “major outage” with cloud gaming that can result in players getting kicked out of, or not being able to access games that use the cloud. That’s probably why so many more Xbox players are dealing with crashes.

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Hey everyone,

Just coinfirming we’re aware of this issue.
It is unfortunately caused by the major outages at Xbox at the moment.
The game won’t be able to be reliably played until these issues are resolved by Microsoft.