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Game Relaunches After Switching App Focus - Android 10

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Describe your issue:

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with Android version 10. When I switch the focus to another application (internet browser or discord app, for example), then switch back to GoW, the app relaunches from the black credits screen. If I have to switch to another app while in the middle of a match, it automatically disconnects and counts as a loss for me. Under most circumstances this is trivial, but it is now affecting my Guild War stats and therefore more relevant at the moment.

I believe the app wasn’t relaunching nearly as often in the previous version. After this last update it happens almost 100% of the time if I switch to another app and switch back; even if only for a few (3-5) seconds. I have had it happen from the map view, in matches, in menus, in shop, soulforge, etc. Is this a bug or working as expected?

As a user, I’m much more disinclined to open my app to play if there’s a remote chance I need to switch to another application during my gaming session. I would even be okay with being able to put GoW in my phone’s split-screen view but that does not work, either. GoW treats it as losing focus and kills the session.

Help, please?!

Sincerely, a multi-tasker.

Screenshots or video:

Update: On Android 10, it appears the OS stops some apps after switching to another app.

On the Samsung Note 10 running Android 10, the way around this is to tap the recent apps button that brings up the apps in smaller windows. At the top of each app preview window should be its app icon. Tap that icon at the top of the GoW app preview to open a context menu. Choose “Keep open for quick launching.” A padlock icon will now appear on the preview indicating it will be locked in an open state so it won’t relaunch every time you need to switch focus or set the device down for a few minutes.

Hope this helps others!!!