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Game randomly closes down

This is the second time this month your game has closed down on me and in both cases I have lost 1 turn in the delve.

As you can see from the screenshots only option I have is Press Y.

If the game closes down on you during a fight it counts as a loss. Losing a delve fight ends the run, if it’s the first fight you can only leave, there’s no reward chest.

If this is on Xbox, this might be the same bug as:

No solution as of now

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Yep, that sounds like the game-crashing bug that some of us have been experiencing for months. It’s very frustrating.

The game plays fine on my phone, but since last night it’s been crashing every 3-5 minutes on the iPad.

Had this problem 1 year ago when I had Xamois mobile phone. I never found any solution to the problem.

I lost one run at the delve. You get 3 a day but straight after I clicked on 1st battle garbage game closes down and I am forced to press Y to use my second turn when they screwed up my first turn.

The game (Delves) did not let me play. I have to leave it and when l came back it did not let me play. The server often went down and one of my card made its action by itself. So the game was down today.

I should not lose out on any rewards because of there rubbish servers.

So far it’s done this now 3 times in 2 days.

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It seems to be the client, not the server, doesn’t make it any better though. You are playing on Xbox?


Yes I am playing on Xbox series x

It’s happening to me on OG Xbox One, also.