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Game Crashing with new update - Xbox [INVESTIGATING]

Weirdly, I didn’t get booted from the game at all, last night, so I forgot to try the chat-disconnect theory. I’ll see what happens, tonight…

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Okay, here’s a breakdown of what happened when I tried a few things, yesterday:

TL;DR - I didn’t learn anything new…

First of all, during the day, I had a chance to play. So I logged in and the game crashed after a minute or so, as usual. When I loaded the game up again, I immediately went to the Chat Settings and Disconnected from Global Chat. No more crashing. “Hey, maybe that actually worked!” I thought. I played for half an hour, or so, and then I logged off.

Later that same night, I tried again. Crash after crash, maybe 6-10 times (I didn’t count), and somewhere in the middle of those crashes, I was able to get into the Chat Settings again. I was still Disconnected from Global Chat. After some debate, I finally decided to reconnect so I could chat with my Guild. My Global Chat Channel had been reset to 001 crash, so I logged back in and changed it to the Channel we use for certain reasons in my Guild crash. Eventually, it stopped crashing and let me play, but it didn’t seem to have anything to do with Chat Settings.

However, one thing that I’ve noticed (and others have pointed out, or hinted at) is that it never stops crashing unless I have collected all of my mail messages (in-game), used some chest keys, and basically checked any notifications. I don’t know if this is required, but that’s my routine.


I really wanted that to be the fix. I quit chat on my main account, and while I dc’d a few times, it always seemed to revolve around my wifi cutting out, which is more on me.

However, just now, my alt OsteoidApollo64 got dc’d after winning a battle, x2 more times trying to access chat, disabled chat, then dc’d again while a battle was loading, and again after that. No internet/wifi issues at the moment.

I was wondering what would be my WoT “Uninstalling” moment. I think I found it. Finishing out the week for my Horde.


I’m sorry to hear that. I’m going to stick it out because I really want to see it fixed, and I’ve enjoyed the game for a couple of years, now. But I don’t blame you, either. It’s frustrating…

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I can’t even begin to fathom out how many valuable resources I’ve lost because of this issue.


I know I’ve lost battle sigils, but at least from what I’ve seen, you don’t lose any redeemed mail or opened chests (even when it crashes in the middle of opening them). It always seems to retain my rewards. What kinds of things have you lost?

This is true. If you lose a battle, then yes, and sigils. But things like chests and mail shouldn’t be lost. (If they are please contact our support asap.)

I’m mostly annoyed about the game crashing when I’m in the middle of a vault match as the keys are quite sparse to collect and they can give decent rewards when completing them on hard. This has happened to me several times.

Also being in the last match of a delve only to lose the entire thing because the game crashes in the middle of it is frustrating.

Guild Wars is a lottery.


Okay, now it’s even worse. For the past 3 days, I’ve tried to play the game with it crashing, endlessly. Each time, I’ve tried for nearly an hour, crash after crash, until I finally give up. PLEASE tell me that you’re getting closer to a solution or even knowledge of what might be causing it! @Saltypatra? Do you have any news?

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Sharing @Kafka’s response from the other (but same?) bug report: Post 5.3 update, game crashes on the Xbox [INVESTIGATING] - #65 by Kafka

They’re introducing logging in 5.4 to help figure out what’s going on.

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That’s great! Thanks @Snooj!

Okay, a sliver of good news: Update 5.4 came to my Xbox yesterday, and I was excited. Then, I immediately tempered my excitement and expected the worst.

However, I actually was able to log in, play for over an hour, and it didn’t crash! Not ONE SINGLE CRASH!! It felt so weird! I had not had a smooth day like that since all this started, months ago! Needless to say, I’m still cautiously expecting the crashing to start again, but this was a very good sign.

I’ll come back and update y’all as I continue testing this new update.

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So far, so good! It still worked well, last night, without crashing. I hope this trend continues!

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Yaaaaay!!! Great to hear.


I can follow-up with good news as well. New update yesterday made it the first time the game loaded up without a crash. It did get 2 crashes overall yesterday with none today. Played 3 different times yesterday and 1 crash after the update after an hour-ish and another after the relaunch like it used to. Then after that, nothing. If it’s down to 2 crashes a day on average, ill take it. But hoping the crashless days continue :slight_smile: - thanks to the coders for (potentially) fixing the issue :hugs:

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That’s great, @nhlmetalhead! I’m hoping the crashes are gone, for good. Yesterday, I played twice (mid-afternoon, and late evening) and still no crashes!

Just out of curiosity, @Saltypatra, can you tell us what the probable cause was? I really like to understand issues like this.

Still crash-free, yesterday! I even had to walk away for 15-20 minutes, and the game didn’t crash when I came back!

Still going strong! I’m getting pretty confident that the issue was fixed (at least for me).

Yep mine hasn’t crashed since the last update

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This warms my heart more than I can say.